Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Old Eyes/ Fat Eyes

I went to the eye doctor today for the first time in about 10-11 years.  I have always had good vision 20/20 so imagine my surprise when I realized that I couldn't see Zoe's features without my eyes crossing and watering.  I bought me some cheaters and I could see her sooo much better.  So I decided to get them checked.  Oh Man, basically I was told "yep, you are close to 40 and that means your going to need some cheaters because your eyes are getting older."  When did I get old - I mean I don't feel like I am still in college or anything but I didn't realize I was getting "old".  I was also told that when your hormones are surging your eyes can retain water.  I guess after having a baby not only do I have to worry about losing baby weight but now my eyes are retaining water.  What is that about?  Which leads me to this question "Do these cheaters make my eyes look fat?"  Here's to growing old with dignity and grace!


Chera said...

Not older, but sophisticated! ;o) I think you'll look great! Love you!

Julie said...

No, cheaters do not make your eyes look fat! Wise, perhaps, but not fat! Love ya!