Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wet socks

For those who know us, Cooper is our sensory child- He gets that from me- anyway he stayed with Mar Mar and Poppy this weekend.  On the way home he told us that he ate cereal with milk in it for the first time.  He has been an eat dry cereal and drink milk out of a cup boy up until now.  Anyway Jeff and I shot each other a glance like "wow" "maybe we are getting somewhere" look only to hear what came out of his mouth next.  "I didn't like it cause my teeth were meant for crunching."  I responded with, "oh was it too smooshy in your mouth."  He said, "yeah it was kinda like chewing on wet socks."  How does one respond to that.  I mean I have never seen him chew on wet socks but I guess in his mind that must be what it is like.  It was not easy to stiffle that laugh!  That boy cracks me up!