Sunday, September 28, 2008

There's a first time for everything

For the first time in I don 't know how long we went a whole weekend without eating out!  That may not mean much to some of you but we are an eating out, convenience, on the go kind of family every weekend.  We have calculated many times how much money we spend eating out and even though we pick places that have decent kids meal prices we still put a huge hole in our budget.  We have been talking about how lucky we are and how we abuse so many times the money that God gives us. (not that we don't give but we don't protect and use wisely the money left over.  So this was a big weekend for us!  Not one penny spent on fast food or the like.  We are striving to do the same for the week.  I wonder how long we could go before we did eat out next?  What is the longest you have ever been without eating out- or is there a set standard in your home about how much you do or don't eat out?  Do share!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toddler moments

Jaxon has been talking more and more these days with the older boys in school.  I guess he has decided that now he able to get a word in edgewise he will.  Here are two conversations I have had with him over the last week:
Me:  Wow, Jaxon you are really strong
Jax:  Yeah, and I cute too

And in the great game of I will stall so I won't have to sleep:
Me:  Ok it is time to go to sleep
Jax:  I can't 
Me:  Why
Jax:  My feet are scared
Me: (trying not to laugh) What are they scared of
Jax:  Crocodiles
Me:  Oh yeah? Why should feet be scared of Crocodiles?
Jax:  De eet dem, and your face and your ears and your eyes and your mouf too but de yike feet the most.

Stinker - He plays this game so well!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where's the food?

My precious Cooper is learning to be so independent these days.  Last week he mentioned to daddy that he had been eating breakfast at school.  Now, we provide breakfast for him here.  Apparently he thought that because the K-2 grade kids wait in the Cafeteria in the mornings that he was supposed to eat breakfast there to.  So, he was going in, getting in line with the other kids and giving them his "number".  I think his exact words were, "I go in give em my number and they give me food."  First let me say we had not put any money into his account because there was no need.  He eats here before he leaves, and takes his lunch.  Second, we had never told him his number.  This cutie patootie was going in and giving him #258 and I guess they would look into those big blue eyes and give him food because 258 is his bus number.  I love love love this boy!  Yesterday, we told him you may eat breakfast in the cafeteria but we need to give you money.  We gave him a dollar.  When we asked what he ate he said, "I just had some chocolate milk".  He did not get his change back either : )  I guess we do owe a bit of money so we will let that slide (tee-hee).  We have been cracking up for days over this.  When I told his teacher, she asked if it was ok if she shared this with the administration because everyone loves stories of independence gone astray.  She mentioned how much she was enjoying having Cooper in her class because he is always good for a great comment and laughter.  That's my boy!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

8 years ago

At 6:38 pm on Sept. 21, 2000 a precious 4lb 13oz baby came into this world with reckless abandon.  The doctor came in to "check" me right before a scheduled C-section.  The C-section was to begin at 6:30 and it was 6:15.  He woke me up and said he would just check and see how I was doing and would be back after he was finished in the OR. He quickly changed his mind and within minutes there were 15+ people in the room.  I remember them telling me not to push about a thousand and one times and I remember how loud the tv was.  I remember that Martha and Alan (Poppy and MarMar) had just stepped out to get a bite to eat and they came running back in.  Aunt Jenny was there to take pictures, and Jeff was there with a look on his face that I never seen before nor since.  I remember shouting for someone to turn off the tv because I was trying to concentrate on not pushing.  Mason was ready ready ready to greet all those people.  The nurse said "Kayren, don't push" and I said  "I'm not but he's coming!"  The doctor caught him with one glove on and one glove half on.  The room went silent.  He wasn't breathing at first and was completely blue.  Within a few seconds they had him pink and handed him to Jeff.  My favorite picture of all of my babies are the ones where Jeff holds them for the first time.  He presented him to me- and I fell in love!  Here was this tiny, swollen, cone headed, bruised-eyed, baby with a cut on his right arm.  Apparently because of the one long contraction that lasted all day on Wednesday -He had been squished and that caused him to look like he had been in a battle.  On top of that, he had come through the birth canal so quickly that he cut his arm on my tail bone (too wierd).  I only got to hold him for a minute and then he was gone.  By 7:05 my room was empty.  Julie Covington and Laurin Hall had called at 5 something and I told them to come on that it would be a while.  They came in to me sitting on the bed in a room all alone and were shocked that it had all gone down so quickly.   They say children change your life but who are they.  They don't say how because there are no words to say how much they do!  Here are 10 ways that Mason has changed my life:

1. I now understand unconditional love.
2. Looking into the eyes of your child when they hurt is the most painful ache in your heart.
3. I have never laughed/cried so hard when it came to one person.
4. Mason has a way of looking at a person and bringing out laughter and love.
5. Holidays are even better with Mason around.
6. Mason has an incredible sense of humor.
7. Stubborn is as stubborn does.  ( I thought I was stubborn)
8. I now know that bald is definitely beautiful. (he was shiny)
9. Mason has a very forgiving heart.
10. Speaking of heart Mason never fails to feel compassion for those who are less fortunate. 

I could keep going - but I won't - I will just say how thankful I am that this amazing little dude came into our family and rocked our world!!

I love you son!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where did the time go?

8 years ago today we were in a hospital room watching TV waiting for the doctor to tell us if the medicine was working to stop my contractions.  It wasn't and at 8:30 in the evening on Sept. 20, we were told that Mason was not going to wait any longer- within 24 hours we would be holding our first baby boy.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine how that precious baby would change not only our lives but the lives of so many others.  I know that for the next 24 hours I will be replaying that day over and over in my head and on my blog.  I hope you will indulge me as I remember that amazing day!  Here is a picture of what he looks like now.  Happy Birthday Weekend, Son!  I love you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Phone call from school

So today I got "the phone call"  the one every mom or dad is concerned about, the one from the school nurse- I wondered- who's hurt, who did we infect, etc...  The nurse was soo nice as she said, "Mrs. Babcock, this is Debbie the school nurse.  I think you need to come and pick up Cooper"  My heart was in my throat throbbing hard and fast..."He had an accident"...yes, yes, and... "and he doesn't have an extra change of clothes in his bag."  My first thought was phew and then the second was stupid me.  I sent a change of clothes the first week and never put them back in.  I knew better.  Then all I could think of was Cooper and how embarrassed he must have been and wondered if he had had one of his meltdowns.  I hurried to school with an extra change of clothes, socks, and crocks (couldn't find his extra tennis shoes).  When I went into the nurses office, the nurse smiled and before I could ask where he was I saw his tiny little face peering out from around a window in the back room.  He smiled this huge smile!  I went into the room and SMELLED his accident.  She had failed to tell me what kind of accident it was.  He said, "Sorry mom I kinda pooped in my pants"  Really, huh couldn't tell.  So I took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up completely- threw out the clothes- I even used some diaper rash cream on his legs because he had rubbed himself raw.  (Sorry this is gross but he was such a trooper.)  Turns out he had had the accident in the cafeteria at lunch.  The bathrooms are outside the cafeteria and the kids have to raise their hands to get permission to leave or get any sort of help.  So, he didn't get the help and had the accident.  He told me that he didn't want to sit down for the rest of the time that he was in the cafeteria so he didn't finish his lunch.  He said he didn't tell his teacher because she eats her lunch in a different room.  After lunch they went to music and I think it was there that he was discovered because apart from the smell when they first entered the room (which the music teacher thought was one who passed a puffy on the way in the door) he wouldn't sit down.  That was how he ended up in the nurses office as one of his classmates helped him get there.  He wanted to stay at school and I walked him back to class.  As I opened the door several kids said, "hey Cooper's back"!  One of them said "Hey, Copper, how come you pooped in your pants?"  to which he replied, "I dunno- I guess it just happens sometimes."  What a kid- What a gross, amazing kid!  There is no way that I would have gone for that long and not be upset, and I know there is no way I would have gone back into class.  He of course apologized several times and then again when he got home.  I love him all to pieces that one!  The picture above is of Cooper and his new kitty.  I guess animals do help calm the soul!  : )

Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't bite your friends?!

So I love Nick Jr. and Noggin.  While I like most shows, there are a few that get on my nerves.  Yo Gabba Gabba is one of them.  I know there are those out there that love it but it is not one of my favorites.  Jaxon however, loves it so I let him watch it and that is usually when I bury myself in something that will keep me busy and out of earshot.  Today I was cleaning out the laundry room (also known as the I don't know where to put this so I'll shove it in the laundry room room) and as I came through the living room I heard them singing "Don't, Don't, Don't bite your friends".  It continued by showing each of the friends eating and doing normal things with mouths while still stressing not to bite your friends.  At the end of the song the pink thing said, "I'm sorry".  While not a big fan I am intrigued by the way they addressed a developmentally appropriate way of showing stress to an audience that is probably watching.  I had 3 biters and have dealt with many others and I always say mouths are not for biting friends.  Good job Yo Gabba Gabba people- but I'm still not going to watch you ; )

Sunday, September 14, 2008

How many times

Wonder how many times I have said theses phrases:
sit down
stop crying
don't do that
stop touching each other
if you do that again...
stop talking
and now to my list I add-- what are you doing to the cat and
put the cat down and the ever popular
if you keep doing that he is going to scratch you

On a separated note Mason has his first pimple on his cute little cheek.  Picture day is Wednesday and he asked me in a little bit of a panic voice, Mom do you think this will be gone by picture day?  How many of us can relate to that?  Poor guy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kittens and sleep

So we are discovering that kittens do not lend themselves to a household of sleeping.  It is not the kitten that is disruptive per say (although the bell on the collar must go), it is the 5 year old who wants to pet the kitten constantly.  He has come to me the last two nights carrying this poor kitten saying, "mom, I don't really feel like sleeping- I just want to pet Oscar".  This makes for a very tired mommy.  Which brings me to this question- how many of you out there sleep while your husband gets ready for work?  Just wondering?  I feel guilty when I don't get up when Jeff goes downstairs to eat breakfast, drink coffee etc... but after going back to work last week, keeping up with kids, getting up several times in the night with various children, or being awake for partner snoring reasons or heartburn reasons of my own- I am soo tired!  What do you do at your house?

Monday, September 8, 2008


When your 5 year old sits nose to nose petting a kitten and you hear him whisper into the kitten's face "you're the kitten I've been looking for all my life"- do you adopt the kitten from the animal defense league?  I'd like to know how many of you could say no.  I couldn't- and now we have Oscar- a 5 month old kitten who doesn't even mind that Jaxon carried him through the living room holding him by just his tail this morning.  He is a GREAT cat!  Cooper has thanked me at least a dozen times for letting us bring him home.  He still wants to go to the animal defense league and pet the lonely kittens and walk the sad doggies (those are his words).  We have been there for the last few weekends volunteering and this week came home with Oscar.  So what would you do?

Friday, September 5, 2008

I still haven't learned!

After having 4 children of my own, being involved with 5 nieces and nephews, babysitting for years, and having my own home daycare you would think I would have learned by now.  Changing formulas and placing a baby with a sensitive stomach into a swing with brand new batteries is NOT a good thing!!!!  Poor little innocent pitiful baby girl- mommy is not too bright is she?!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So apparently I offended some with my last post-  I would like to say sorry to all of you who are following the election coverage closely trying to decide who to vote for.  Let me try to explain- Olympics - love them, love the coverage, watch tons of it!  
Football- love it, college, pro all of it watch as much of it as possible.
Christmas- watch 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" for most of the 24 hours (you'll shoot your eye out)
Election years I just get tired of all of the coverage and the bickering.  Maybe because in my family I was the peacemaker and if there was fighting or anything I begged for calm and quiet.  So if you were upset by my post or if I came across as ignorant I really didn't mean to offend anyone.  Just blogging feelings! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Is there anyone else out there that doesn't care?  Not to forsake those who fought for our freedom or whatever but sometimes politics just get on my nerves.  Who cares if she is young has a DS baby and daughter is pregnant?  Maybe she is the most real person we have had in front of us.  And who cares if he is not really black.  And who cares if he hasn't served in the military.  I just get so tired of it all.  YES, I vote and I do research to see whom I think is best for my family but I really get tired of hearing it all.  Ok I will now climb down off of my soap box and get back to my family!  Thank you for your attention!  : )