Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well so much for keeping up

Ok well life gets in the way and so I don't post... big deal... I can catch up- here goes nothing...
This guy is about to go to middle school!!  How crazy is that?!

This dog (Molly) joined our family and we love love love her!!

This guy is still as crazy as ever and continues to challenge us every day- he keeps us alive!

This guy loves life - the phrase live, laugh, love is built deep within his soul!

She brings balance to our world... tiny and mighty, tenacious and independent all wrapped up in pink!

The kids rocked the school year!  Mason and Cooper both made straight A's and Jaxon learned to read and was promoted to 1st grade so with regards to our move they are settled.  We have found a fantastic church home- The Branch @ Vista Ridge- we placed membership and began to serve and that has helped solidify the feelings of home here in DFW.  We just put in for the last of the "issues" to be fixed in our house before the year warrenty runs out (which is crazy to think about).  We love the community we are in and have met lots of people and are starting to "do stuff" with friends.  Each weekend as we drive to chuch we talk about how we are beginning to feel more and more settled and at home here.  We have even discussed purchasing a piece of property where we could have animals and land and stuff... who are we?!  LOL!  So... there it is the update on the family-hope you enjoyed it!