Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boy do I have mud on my "face book"

So I have discovered the whole facebook revolution and I have to say - man, I feel dumb.  I didin't realize how many people were on this kick.  I thought I was doing good to have the whole blog thing up and going.  I had no idea that friendships were being rekindled and strengthened through the power of facebook.  I have been in touch with several high school friends, a few college, and have had several heart to hearts with a cousin that I had not had the pleasure of his company in years.  I was vastly unaware however of the number of my current friends who had accounts and feel as if I have just crawled out from under a rock.  (Could it be the rock of 4 children and an all consuming load of laundry mixed with a mess of toys and dishes?!) Most likely!  Anyhoo to those of you who have not discovered the revolution - it's out there and easy to do- For those of you who have- thanks for the invites.  

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Anybody want a waffle?

Ok so we are promised never to have more than we can handle.  I believe that-sometimes I am a bit wobbly though.  Where to begin... I have been quite neglectful in house keeping over the last year or so- call it depression, busy, lazy (combination really).  Anyway the house is beyond a disaster and I am not good at asking for help nor is it any ones problem but mine.  I am willing to take control.  However today I got to my most wobbly ever.  The problem: 9 years ago when the house was being built someone with a nail gun hit a pipe from the air conditioner drain pipe.  This caused a teeny-tiny leak that has been going for 9 years!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I have no flooring in part of my downstairs and 3 holes in my walls.  To add to that the enormous mess of the house looks even worse.  Not to mention the amount of money it will take to repair all of it.  Funny thing is Nick the guy from the plumbing company has been to my house twice in less than a year- He knows a lot about my family and kids and even asked how my newborn was.  Great company if you ever need a plumber.  So I am cleaning out the laundry room (really moving the mess to the garage) that is where they originally thought the leak was and I find a whole waffle behind the dryer.  Now I ask you how in the world does a whole waffle get behind the dryer.  There is no room between the washer and dryer to get back there.  I am throwing stuff around as the flooring people are pulling up the new floor that was installed in April of this year and waiting for the plumber - I am bawling my eyes out because I feel I can not handle another thing thrown my way when I find this waffle.  I instantly started to laugh.  You see the only way for it to get back there is if someone threw it back there.  A flying frisbee or something?!  Who knows?!  It just reminded me that there is more to life than money, plumbing issues, dirty houses, laundry etc...  My children are healthy and happy!  That is what matters.  That is what matters.  If I died tonight and you came to my house and saw the mess you might think geez what happened here.  But if you dug down deep into the hearts of my family you would find them full of the love that I have tried to bestow upon them!  They are my life!  They are the blessing that God has given me!  So the next time you find yourself wobbling under the pressure ask yourself- Hey, maybe I need a waffle!  : )  May God bless you today right now where you are.  By the way I will post pictures when it is all said and done.  Right now I have a really hard yucky waffle to frame tee-hee!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it over yet

My dad sent me an email about voting my conscience.  He said to delete any email that has any type of political view. He said to go to the candidates themselves (website or whatever), and vote my conscience.  I have tried but over the last few days have received 10 political emails.  Is it over yet?  I have enough to worry about without being asked "vote for my candidate b/c of blah, blah, blah yadda, yadda, yadda."  Enough already!!  I have made my decision and an confident in it.  I will not share it with you b/c just like salaries - who you vote for is a personal thing.  I am looking forward to this whole thing being over and cannot stress enough to you my friends media can be a dangerous thing some times.  Don't believe everything you read or hear- go to the source.  By the way, when the time comes in a future to pick a candidate and one of them is Drake Prescott Hamilton- you can vote for him- he is my nephew and is a good boy and will stand for what is right : )  And that is my political commercial!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My big boy

Jaxon has had a big weekend!  His birthday was Friday- 3 years old.  He still says I a baby mommy when I say - you'r e such a big boy!  I have enjoyed being his mommy soo much the last 3 years.  He was an easy squeezy baby- slept well, ate well- he is mostly laid back and well adjusted.  He has started trying to throw fits but when he starts I just start laughing b/c his face is too cute and he just laughs back.  He loves his "boo bankie" (his blanket) and his paci very much!  Jaxon loves music and dancing.  He will often ask for me to turn on music and dance with him.  He has really started talking a lot in the last 2 months since his brothers started school.  I think that is because he can now get a word in.  His favorite place to go right now if Fiesta Texas.  In fact in lieu of a birthday party we went.  We have season passes and usually go for a little while when we go out there.  We always take snacks and stuff, never play games or eat the food and usually take the cups we bought there to refill if we spend any money at all.  Yesterday we went all out- food, fun and light "savers".  (although one of them broke before we even got home).  We had a wonderful time and it is awesome to watch the world through his eyes.  Currently I can hear him in the toy room playing with Thomas.  Mason is helping him to build a big train track.  I thank God for Jaxon all the time.  He is the greatest little dude!  Happy Birthday, Son!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm back

Ok so it has been a while- I thought I didn't have much to blog about but I realized that I have just been under a lot of emotional baggage and allowed it to weigh me down.  If you are an English teacher don't judge me - that sentence was a total run on right.  Let me say that I am totally bummed that they are taking Abby of off ER before the end of the series.  I do think it is time for the series to end.  I can honestly say I have watched it every season since the beginning.  I don't know that I have seen every single episode, there are not many that I have missed though.  Anyway I hate to see my favorites leave shows.   Are there shows that you have watched from the beginning?  Soaps? 30 minute sitcoms?  Do share! 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lesson learned thank you

Cooper learned this morning that one should never hold a kitty just before you take a shower.  Paint the picture in your head won't you?  The shower is on, the kitty is not declawed and very playful in the morning, the 5 yr. old is naked waiting for the water to get warm and decides he wants to love on his kitty.  Hmmmm... lesson learned thank you!  : )