Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boy do I have mud on my "face book"

So I have discovered the whole facebook revolution and I have to say - man, I feel dumb.  I didin't realize how many people were on this kick.  I thought I was doing good to have the whole blog thing up and going.  I had no idea that friendships were being rekindled and strengthened through the power of facebook.  I have been in touch with several high school friends, a few college, and have had several heart to hearts with a cousin that I had not had the pleasure of his company in years.  I was vastly unaware however of the number of my current friends who had accounts and feel as if I have just crawled out from under a rock.  (Could it be the rock of 4 children and an all consuming load of laundry mixed with a mess of toys and dishes?!) Most likely!  Anyhoo to those of you who have not discovered the revolution - it's out there and easy to do- For those of you who have- thanks for the invites.  


Jill said...

i didn't know you were on facebook. i honestly did it to see my brother's honeymoon cruise pictures, but have found some old college friends. i think i might be too old for facebook, though, because it is really confusing to me. i mainly stick to blogging.

Court Me Tennis said...

Facebook can be pretty entertaining, and we love being able to monitor the kids a little more by being on it. I like seeing some of the stuff Chris and Tonnie and Kevin put on it.

Jaime said...

It is fun to connect with old friends. And your story about the waffle is hilarious. I know when my kids are in high school we will probably find a few pacifiers around here. :-)

Jcbaron99 said...

Your so funny Kayren. I'm on facebook too and am amazed at who I have reconnected with. Old high school friends. It has also helped me keep in touch better with family and close friends.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I didn't know you were on FB and had even checked. I did it right before I turned 40 and felt too old but have reconnected with junior high, high school, former co-workers, and college friends, as well as family members. It's also a quick, easy, and somewhat lazy way for me to give a quick shout out to local friends and friends I talk to fairly often. Okay, will you be my friend??? :o)

I'll email you the name of my friend. I'd be honored for you to carry her name!


JulieC said...

I still don't know what I'm doing. Maybe I have a little too much going on right now to focus, could that be it????