Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Confession time

I am tired- I am richly blessed but I am tired. Today as I look around my downstairs I realize that it has been less than a week since I picked everything up (again) and yet you could never tell if you walked in my front door. As a matter of fact if you walked in you would probably think... wow what happened in here?! So I am confessing now that my house does not stay picked up and I am tired of picking up day after day after day. I have been home now not working outside the home since the middle of August. During that time I have cleaned out toys, cabinets, and countless tubs of stuff. I have weeded out many clothes as I went through load after load of laundry and yet there is still soooo much here! I know I am soooo blessed but I am at a moment of overwhelming frustration. I have to get this out of my head and out of my system so that I can see through to go at it again. I know I am not the only one in the world with a disorganized chaotic home, but I feel like it. I have been in 3 homes in the last 2 weeks and I wonder- do people actually live in these homes during the day- where is the clutter? Where are the clothes? Where are the toys? Where are the piles of paper work- the hot spots if you will? I know that I am lazy sometimes but really how do you all get it all done? How is it possible that you run from place to place with your kids- music class, the grocery store, play groups, ladies Bible class, and still have time to make things and create things and volunteer at school etc... and still make the house work like it should- I don't get it. As I type this I have heard 2 of the 4 ask for a snack for the 3 time since the school bus got home 3 people have knocked on the door to ask if they can come in and play or if we can come out and play. I am praying for strength. I am praying for wisdom. I am praying for peace in the home. I am praying that some of you out there have homes that look like mine more often than not and that you will tell me and make me feel better : ) My friend Ben Baily is the guest blogger on his wife's blog and the other day he got a letter from his khaki pants. Ok so here is a letter from my house:

Dear Mrs. Babcock,
You have too many children, too many clothes, too many toys, too many cats, too many dishes, too much in your pantry, and I am tired of holding it all in - would you consider please moving? I would be soo much happier - I feel fuller than a stuffed turkey at a big Thanksgiving feast! Oh yeah and while you are at it- will you fix the wall in the master bath that has been messed up for the last 8 of the 10 years you have been here.

Your house

Ok now I will get up from my computer and continue on... in my head I am thinking of the song that Wayne Watson did several years ago called Watercolor Ponies:

"There are water color ponies on my refrigerator door
and the shape of something I don't really recognize
Drawn with careful little fingers
and put proudly on display
a reminder to us all of how time flies.
Seems an endless mound of laundry
and a stair way laced with toys
gives a blow by blow reminder of the war,
that we fight for their well- being
for their greater understanding
to impart a holy reverence for the Lord.
But (Baby) what will we do,
when it comes back to me and you
they look a little less like little boys every day
Oh, the pleasure of watching
the children growing
is mixed with a bitter cup
of knowing the watercolour ponies
will one day ride away
And the vision can get so narrow
as you view through your tiny world
and little victories can go by
with no applause
But in the greater evaluation
as they fly from you nest of love
may they mount up with wings
as eagles for His cause
still I wonder
Baby, what will we do
when it comes back to me and you
they look a little less like little boys every day
oh the pleasure of watching
the children growing
is mixed with a bitter cup
of knowing the watercolour ponies
will one day ride away.
And now I will go pop some popcorn and go outside and eat a snack, play with my children and ignore the fact that my house is not straight- because these 3 little boys and 1 little girl will ride away before I know it!!

PS If I knew how I would have downloaded the song for you guys to listen to but I am challenged... if you type the song into your search engine- you will find it easily and can take a listen

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Jaxon was sniffing over and over again as he was walking down the hallway and up the steps:

Me: Jaxon stop please that is annoying
Jaxon: I can't mommy
Me: Well why not what are you doing
Jaxon: I'm trying to get my nose up
Me: ?
Jaxon: It's all snuffy

Poor guy maybe I should get him some snuffy nose medicine : )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Team Tiara Website

If you would like to know more about my obsession this time of year- our fearless leaders have created a website for our team. You will be able to see how we got started, who our walkers are and the reasons they walk, pics and stuff to give you and idea of what the walk looks like from a walker perspective ie... eating, sleeping etc... I hope you will check it out. I would be remiss if I didn't also mention that I am still looking for donations! I am having a garage sale this weekend with all the proceeds going to fundraising donations and also a drink pink for the cure stand. Come by and have some strawberry lemonade! October is breast cancer awareness month by the way- why not make it a tradition to donate For the Cure?!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You've got mail

If you wanted to send me or my teammates a note while we are walking our 60 miles for breast cancer here is the address. Notes/letters/post cards whatever have to be postmarked by October 23rd, 2009

Send letters to:
Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp Post Office
P.O. Box 126496
Benbrook, TX 76126

By the way my name is Kayren Babcock not insert name of participant tee-hee!

Monday, September 21, 2009

is it possible?

Is it possible that this guy is 9 today? My sweet boy is 9 today- Mason is 9. I have been weepy the last 3-4 days and couldn't really pin point the reason. Last night I saw a cd in my collection and realized it is because Mason is growing up so fast. I know it happens but it is hard to watch on the day that God blessed you with your precious baby. When I was pregnant with Mason- Bryan and Lauin Hall introduced me to the Lullaby CD by Acapella. I listened to it over and over and drew inspiration from it as I carried Mason. It was the CD that played in his nursery when he was a baby for at least the first 6 months. I came across it in the car yesterday and it dawned on my how really big he is. He started out sooo little! Just to review his stats- he was 4lbs 13oz and was 183/4 inches long- (he was born on Thursday and on Sunday when they measured him he was 18in long- he was quite the cone head) I will never forget the moment I laid eyes on him. He looked like he had been through a battle. His eyes were bruised and his little face was all swollen, he had a cut on one arm that they said might have been caused from my tailbone. He didn't cry at the very beginning and the room was silent and then his first cry was so tiny but it turned him pink instantly when he let out a little "mwah"- we were overjoyed and instantly in love! Aunt Jenny took some amazing pics and to this day I still cry when I see the one she took of Jeff handing him to me the first time! Thank you Jenn for that pic- I will treasure it always. Mar Mar and Poppy were there two and their faces were priceless! Jeff's face always looks the same when he holds his babies for the first time- it is a mix of gentle amazement and enthusiastic love! It is exactly as I pictured it would be when I fell in love with him and knew he was going to be the father of my children. After 19 days in the nicu- we brought him home and it has been an awesome journey! He is one smart little dude who loves cars, computers, and reading. He has a sense of humor that is quick and dry. I love to look in his enormous almond shaped eyes that are the color of a blue Texas sky and watch them smile when he knows he is up to no good but in a good way! I love the way they look when they tear up because his heart has been touched- and don't get me started on his dimples : ) That boy- he fills my heart and as you can tell I am soooo very thankful to have him. Happy Birthday you precious gift from God!!
Here are 9 things about Mason to honor him on his birthday:

1 He devours books and reads out loud with great expression
2 He can carry on a conversation with adults and is not intimidated just to join right in.
3 He is quick witted and has a great sense of humor
4 Even though he thinks slobber is gross you can see his eyes and heart melt when Zoe kisses him
5 He loves to go clothes and she shopping (just like his father)
6 He has a very sensitive heart
7 When he is upset with me- we can talk about it, cry about it and then we have a good laugh
8 He cares about the injustices in the world and is starting to ask questions about them and wondering how he can help with them
9 He still asks me to snuggle with him at night before he falls asleep (ok just every once in a while but I will take whatever I can get for as long as he will let me)
I love you, Mason!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


*while watching the movie Bodyguard on Saturday morning- while folding clothes*

Cooper: Mom, what just happened
Me: The man with the camera has a gun
Cooper: You can't have a gun in a camera
Me: I know - remember things that happen on movies are just for us to see even though they aren't real.
Cooper: oh the man that was protecting her got shot
Me: yep
Cooper: Well people who get shot "run into acomas" that means they go to sleep
Me: How did you know that
Cooper: I know lots of things I'm in 1st grade you know
Oh what a guy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

What is in your jeans?

So tonight we were able to go see the Regan vs. Churchill football game. We had a great time and had some great seats. We were the guests of our friends Jeff and Brenda Peak. Coach Jeff is coaching for Churchill and he and Brenda and their kids play a very important role in our lives and the lives of our kids. It was such a close game and we were sorry it couldn't put a W in the books for Churchill. However, a great time was had by all and let me tell you a large laugh was had by all as well. Here's how it all played out... I got all the kids dressed and had Jaxon in a pair of jeans that were a little to big but he is in an in between size and it was the best I could do. While we were waiting on Jeff to get home, Jaxon was playing on the computer and I noticed that he had his jeans down around his ankles for some reason. So I went over and stood him up and pulled up his jeans and went about my way getting everything ready. When we got to the game and I pulled him out of the car I noticed he was walking funny. I asked if his shoe was on funny and he said no. He mumbled something but I didn't understand what he said so I just ignored it and we went on. When we got into the stadium and met up with Brenda she asked if he needed to go to the bathroom because he was walking funny and I said no that his jeans were too big and we went on up to our seats. On the way up though he stumbled several times and she finally picked him up and carried him the rest of the way and noted how heavy he seemed. Ok so we are about midway through the 2nd quarter when he goes over to sit in Brenda's lap and his feet are close to me and I hear her say, "Jaxon what is in your jeans?" I look over and down by his shoe stuck in the bottom of his jeans was something that I thought was his toy from his kids meal he had eaten on the way to the game. I know by now you are dying to know what it is aren't you? Ok so I reach in and start laughing because the boy had a juice glass in his jeans. Yes, you read that right. Sometimes you might refer to them as a high ball- but it was a lead crystal short thick round glass between his leg and the side of his jeans. We could not stop laughing and he was just grinning from ear to ear. When I put him to bed I finally got a clear picture of what had happened. As he was playing on the computer, he was standing and his pants had fallen down to his ankles because they were too big. He knocked the glass off of the computer table and somehow it landed in his jeans. When I saw him he was playing with his jeans but I thought he was just trying to pull them up. He tried to tell me twice but I didn't understand what he was talking about. Tooo Funny that boy- I think I will check his jeans next time!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

not monday and not raining

It is not Monday and it is not raining so why am I crying this morning. I am crying because between yesterday and this morning my children are growing up before my eyes. Yesterday I took Mason and Zoe in for checkups. Mason for his 9 year old and Zoe for her 15 mos old. Zoe is doing great and is right on target for her development- as a matter of fact due to her size and development you might never know she was a preemie. Mason my little 4 lb 13 oz baby boy has reached the 75-100% of both height and weight. This is the first time that he has been out of the 30th and below at a checkup. He of course was a little embarrassed to get down to his skives but he took it well and our Dr. has an awesome way of talking to him and still teaching at the same time. He learned that the vice pres is Joe Biden and that if his spinal cord were to re- tether itself he would develop scoliosis very quickly as a sign. He got one booster shot and never cried. He did cry when Zoe got her shots which was very very sweet. I looked at that little face which to me has not changed and asked myself where time had gone. Then this morning Cooper insisted that he walk to the bus with Mason. We have been letting Mason walk to the bus but usually with Jeff close on his heels in the car following him (with Cooper) to make sure he is safe. This morning Jeff wasn't quite ready to go so I walked down to the first stop sign a few steps behind Mason (you can see the front gate from there) and I don't think Mason even knew I was there. When I turned to look to see if Jeff was coming in his car I saw Cooper running as if he were Forrest Gump : ) He was shouting, "did I miss it"? I told him know and he just kept running right past me. About 10 steps away he shouted, "bye mom!" I responded with a bye son I love you and as he disappeared around the corner he shouted in a voice that was fading, "I love you too!" Oh my heart- I could still smell him for he insists on using deodorant and cologne every morning, but the fact that he was so big as to run for the school bus but still little enough to not be embarrassed to shout out that he loved me ripped at my heart. My little Coopie Doopie is just getting so big! He also read most of a book to me so I know that light is almost on when it comes to his reading development. He was sooo very tiny for soooo long and now is just so big to me- what is a mommy to do but cry a bit, blog a bit and then thank God for her precious babies who are developing just as they should! Go hug some kids today and thank God for them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

woosed toof

Jaxon: Mommy mommy wook at my toof it's woosed (loose)
Me: It is
Jaxon: yes I wost it on da couch- can I git a dolwer (dollar)

Oh he is just squishy cute to me some days!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quiet time in the laundry room

No, I didn't lock anyone in there- I have begun to lock myself in there. The laundry room is a quiet place filled with white noise. In there I am close enough to hear what is going on in the house in case anyone tries to kill anyone else ( boys will be boys after all)- or in case someone gets hurt etc... yet I am surrounded by enough white noise to drown out the kid noise, tv, or computer. I have started to use it as a place to carry on conversations with God during the day. I need time with God alone without distractions to allow the Holy Spirit to fill me so that I can hear what God wants me to do when, where, and how. Notice I left out the why- I have decided that it doesn't matter why- The laundry room reminds me of the blessings in my life. It has a ceiling and doors (shelter). It has clothes (we are not naked). We have food (stains on our clothes). There are cleaning supplies ( we are healthy - we can lysol the germs away when needed). We have electricity (which reminds me that the bills are paid because God has given Jeff multiple blessings through his job). Where is your quiet place? Do you have one? If not- you should find a place for you! God Bless!

Friday, September 11, 2009

When the phone rings...

When the phone rings and the caller ID reads that it is the school calling, I always catch my breath in my throat. Ok... who is sick, who had a meltdown, who bit someone, who messed in their pants and need new clothes etc... well it happened today- the phone rang. When I said hello there was a very cheery voice on the other line who asked if this was Mrs. Babcock. (after 12 years I still love being called that) Anyway turns out it was Mr. Owens one of the 2 AP's at the elementary school where Mason and Cooper go. He was calling to read to me a note that Mason's teacher had written to him re: Mason and how pleased she was to have him in her class. What a wonderful surprise! The note said that she loved how organized he was and how he always tried his best and neat his writing was etc... then he put Mason on the phone. You could hear his pleased embarrassment in his voice. I could hardly tell him how proud I was to get a phone call like this. I could hardly tell him how much I loved him. My throat had a lump the size of a small apple (no pun intended) and my eyes were full of tears. From a 4 lb 13 oz little pip squeak to an organized hard working almost 9 year old- wow! God has richly blessed me with Mason!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


After weeks of 100+temps and no rain, it is wonderful to hear, see, and smell the rain today! God answers prayers in His own time in His own way and this morning could not have been more perfect! Many prayers of thanks, God!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Rock" Obama

In our house we call Mr. Obama - Rock Obama because during the election that is what Cooper called him- that is what he understood his name to be. Today, I felt he lived up to that name- Mr. Obama you rocked that speech- thank you for encouraging our children about their responsibilities in school. Thank you for reminding them that they have a job to do and must do it to the best of their ability. Thank you for focusing on our children in their world as it is and nothing else. As a former cheerleader there is nothing I love more than a good old pep talk- great speech Mr. President - great speech!

I am on my soap box today to say that regardless of what he says or does we must teach our children to respect the leader in charge- teacher, parent, grandparent, or president- the respect must be there. I am bitterly disappointed that so many chose to fight, whine, gripe, and moan about the president speaking to our kids. I am disappointed that we have forgotten that Scripture tells us how we must view our leaders and yet there are those out there who were willing to censor this speech. Did we do that the last two times there was an address to the students from Commander in Chief- I don't remember because I wasn't a parent then but maybe I don't remember the anger that filled the air of the thought of someone speaking to our kids. I actually remember hearing one individual think that in that short of an address that he was going to try and brainwash our children. WOW have we just gone completely ignorant. No, I don't agree with what he wants to do with healthcare - but then I don't know his full plan- but I do know that he is trying to address what he thinks is important and in 4 years there will be someone else who is trying to do the same thing and are we going to freak out everytime and create a nation of panicking adults or are we going to teach our children to trust God that he is in control. Hug your kids and let them watch the speech - they will be pumped to stay in school and do their very best and there is nothing black/white- republican/democratic - socialist/communist/free etc... about it- breathe people - be still and know that God is still in control! "Rock", thanks again- great job today!

Ok I'm off my soapbox- feel free to leave a comment : )

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Fooseball is not frrm de debil! I love the first saturday of college football and today my son Mason with his sweet excited smile stood up and gave the first down signal when Notre Dame got their first one of the season. That's my boy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Power of Prayer

I'm taking a break from posting about the antics that occur in our family to ask you to pray today.
I have a friend from high school who is having surgery for breast cancer today. She is 39 year old wife and mother to 3 small children. Because I believe in the power of prayer please lift up Lissa in your prayers today. This could be any one of you who read my blog- please stop and ask God for healing for Lissa and for Him to be glorified in this situation. Thanks so much!