Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Confession time

I am tired- I am richly blessed but I am tired. Today as I look around my downstairs I realize that it has been less than a week since I picked everything up (again) and yet you could never tell if you walked in my front door. As a matter of fact if you walked in you would probably think... wow what happened in here?! So I am confessing now that my house does not stay picked up and I am tired of picking up day after day after day. I have been home now not working outside the home since the middle of August. During that time I have cleaned out toys, cabinets, and countless tubs of stuff. I have weeded out many clothes as I went through load after load of laundry and yet there is still soooo much here! I know I am soooo blessed but I am at a moment of overwhelming frustration. I have to get this out of my head and out of my system so that I can see through to go at it again. I know I am not the only one in the world with a disorganized chaotic home, but I feel like it. I have been in 3 homes in the last 2 weeks and I wonder- do people actually live in these homes during the day- where is the clutter? Where are the clothes? Where are the toys? Where are the piles of paper work- the hot spots if you will? I know that I am lazy sometimes but really how do you all get it all done? How is it possible that you run from place to place with your kids- music class, the grocery store, play groups, ladies Bible class, and still have time to make things and create things and volunteer at school etc... and still make the house work like it should- I don't get it. As I type this I have heard 2 of the 4 ask for a snack for the 3 time since the school bus got home 3 people have knocked on the door to ask if they can come in and play or if we can come out and play. I am praying for strength. I am praying for wisdom. I am praying for peace in the home. I am praying that some of you out there have homes that look like mine more often than not and that you will tell me and make me feel better : ) My friend Ben Baily is the guest blogger on his wife's blog and the other day he got a letter from his khaki pants. Ok so here is a letter from my house:

Dear Mrs. Babcock,
You have too many children, too many clothes, too many toys, too many cats, too many dishes, too much in your pantry, and I am tired of holding it all in - would you consider please moving? I would be soo much happier - I feel fuller than a stuffed turkey at a big Thanksgiving feast! Oh yeah and while you are at it- will you fix the wall in the master bath that has been messed up for the last 8 of the 10 years you have been here.

Your house

Ok now I will get up from my computer and continue on... in my head I am thinking of the song that Wayne Watson did several years ago called Watercolor Ponies:

"There are water color ponies on my refrigerator door
and the shape of something I don't really recognize
Drawn with careful little fingers
and put proudly on display
a reminder to us all of how time flies.
Seems an endless mound of laundry
and a stair way laced with toys
gives a blow by blow reminder of the war,
that we fight for their well- being
for their greater understanding
to impart a holy reverence for the Lord.
But (Baby) what will we do,
when it comes back to me and you
they look a little less like little boys every day
Oh, the pleasure of watching
the children growing
is mixed with a bitter cup
of knowing the watercolour ponies
will one day ride away
And the vision can get so narrow
as you view through your tiny world
and little victories can go by
with no applause
But in the greater evaluation
as they fly from you nest of love
may they mount up with wings
as eagles for His cause
still I wonder
Baby, what will we do
when it comes back to me and you
they look a little less like little boys every day
oh the pleasure of watching
the children growing
is mixed with a bitter cup
of knowing the watercolour ponies
will one day ride away.
And now I will go pop some popcorn and go outside and eat a snack, play with my children and ignore the fact that my house is not straight- because these 3 little boys and 1 little girl will ride away before I know it!!

PS If I knew how I would have downloaded the song for you guys to listen to but I am challenged... if you type the song into your search engine- you will find it easily and can take a listen


The West's said...

go to youtube and watch the video for 'happy working song' from the movie 'enchanted'. I hope it makes you smile! p.s. have peace in your heart.

kristin said...

i, in no way, think it is a bad thing that a house is full of clutter!! as you are blessed!! think about how happy your family is and how much fun your kids have making those "messes"!! you should never worry about having a cluttered house! when i see a house with toys strewn everywhere, i just smile knowing they must be happy!!

Jill said...

some days are good days (clean), some days are not. and i only have TWO kids :)
i tell myself all the time that there is a season for everything. you are doing a great job in your season of raising your babies!
(and i do love to craft...but when i do it generally means the kids eat pb&j or cereal for dinner and the house is a wreck! you just can't do it all...)