Thursday, September 17, 2009

not monday and not raining

It is not Monday and it is not raining so why am I crying this morning. I am crying because between yesterday and this morning my children are growing up before my eyes. Yesterday I took Mason and Zoe in for checkups. Mason for his 9 year old and Zoe for her 15 mos old. Zoe is doing great and is right on target for her development- as a matter of fact due to her size and development you might never know she was a preemie. Mason my little 4 lb 13 oz baby boy has reached the 75-100% of both height and weight. This is the first time that he has been out of the 30th and below at a checkup. He of course was a little embarrassed to get down to his skives but he took it well and our Dr. has an awesome way of talking to him and still teaching at the same time. He learned that the vice pres is Joe Biden and that if his spinal cord were to re- tether itself he would develop scoliosis very quickly as a sign. He got one booster shot and never cried. He did cry when Zoe got her shots which was very very sweet. I looked at that little face which to me has not changed and asked myself where time had gone. Then this morning Cooper insisted that he walk to the bus with Mason. We have been letting Mason walk to the bus but usually with Jeff close on his heels in the car following him (with Cooper) to make sure he is safe. This morning Jeff wasn't quite ready to go so I walked down to the first stop sign a few steps behind Mason (you can see the front gate from there) and I don't think Mason even knew I was there. When I turned to look to see if Jeff was coming in his car I saw Cooper running as if he were Forrest Gump : ) He was shouting, "did I miss it"? I told him know and he just kept running right past me. About 10 steps away he shouted, "bye mom!" I responded with a bye son I love you and as he disappeared around the corner he shouted in a voice that was fading, "I love you too!" Oh my heart- I could still smell him for he insists on using deodorant and cologne every morning, but the fact that he was so big as to run for the school bus but still little enough to not be embarrassed to shout out that he loved me ripped at my heart. My little Coopie Doopie is just getting so big! He also read most of a book to me so I know that light is almost on when it comes to his reading development. He was sooo very tiny for soooo long and now is just so big to me- what is a mommy to do but cry a bit, blog a bit and then thank God for her precious babies who are developing just as they should! Go hug some kids today and thank God for them.


Jill said...

i can't believe mason is already 9. i love that age! since i taught 4th grade, i'm kind of partial to 9-10 yr. olds. and it is so bittersweet to watch them grow up~

Jaime said...

We are so blessed to be Mommys!!!

Chera said...

Indeed we are! I still tear up in the mornings when Sheldon gets out of the car and walks into school all by himself. Kalyn looks like a 3rd or 4th grader already and she is only in 2nd grade...wahhh