Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Rock" Obama

In our house we call Mr. Obama - Rock Obama because during the election that is what Cooper called him- that is what he understood his name to be. Today, I felt he lived up to that name- Mr. Obama you rocked that speech- thank you for encouraging our children about their responsibilities in school. Thank you for reminding them that they have a job to do and must do it to the best of their ability. Thank you for focusing on our children in their world as it is and nothing else. As a former cheerleader there is nothing I love more than a good old pep talk- great speech Mr. President - great speech!

I am on my soap box today to say that regardless of what he says or does we must teach our children to respect the leader in charge- teacher, parent, grandparent, or president- the respect must be there. I am bitterly disappointed that so many chose to fight, whine, gripe, and moan about the president speaking to our kids. I am disappointed that we have forgotten that Scripture tells us how we must view our leaders and yet there are those out there who were willing to censor this speech. Did we do that the last two times there was an address to the students from Commander in Chief- I don't remember because I wasn't a parent then but maybe I don't remember the anger that filled the air of the thought of someone speaking to our kids. I actually remember hearing one individual think that in that short of an address that he was going to try and brainwash our children. WOW have we just gone completely ignorant. No, I don't agree with what he wants to do with healthcare - but then I don't know his full plan- but I do know that he is trying to address what he thinks is important and in 4 years there will be someone else who is trying to do the same thing and are we going to freak out everytime and create a nation of panicking adults or are we going to teach our children to trust God that he is in control. Hug your kids and let them watch the speech - they will be pumped to stay in school and do their very best and there is nothing black/white- republican/democratic - socialist/communist/free etc... about it- breathe people - be still and know that God is still in control! "Rock", thanks again- great job today!

Ok I'm off my soapbox- feel free to leave a comment : )


Karen said...

I have not read your blog until today. Thank you for sharing your feelings.
Because of our similarities, I went back a few months and read March. Well, let's just say, I should have worn waterproof mascara today! It's about time for me to get back to work, but I wanted you to know I can totally relate.
We need to get together sometime! Praying for you, and knowing you will do the same.
focus on those sweet babies (and your hubby), they bring it all into perspective...Love you, kts

houston and kara said...

i agree! i think people are always looking for something to complain about, and it usually is the president. i remember when bush was president, lots of people wore those shirts with his picture that said "not my president." ive got news for you, people... HE IS! i feel like the president deserves a certain amount of respect no matter what or who or what party.

our kids DO need some direction from authority! they are going to be in charge of the world one day and at this rate... it's a scary picture. i personally am tired of people not taking responsibilty for their own learning and their own future. stop blaming the teachers already, goodness.

ok, i'm off my box now too :) thanks for posting! i'm not a huge political buff but... some things just need addressing.

myra said...

Amen Kayren! It has absolutely floored me how people, especially those who claim to be in relationship with Jesus have reacted to Pres. Obama. It really makes me so sad to hear the terribly rude and ungodly things that people have chosen to let come out of their mouths or onto their FB pages. But I was reminded the other day that if your relationship with Christ doesn't change the way you talk in all areas off your life than maybe you don't have a relationship but just a religion.

And as far as the speech goes I wish I heard it when I was in school because I think it would have inspired me to try even harder and do even better.

Thanks for letting me on your soapbox for a minute ;O)