Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Imagine my embarrassment...

Imagine my embarrassment when I looked over at Jaxon in the middle of lunch outing today only to see him with the salt shaker in his mouth-  IN HIS MOUTH!!!!  Imagine my relief when the man at the table next to us laughed and said not to worry it wasn't the first time he had seen it and it probably won't be the last- boys will be boys.  Thank you sir for your kindness during my moment of shock and awwwwww (yuck/oye).  

Imagine my embarrassment when my Cooper said out loud at Occupational Therapy today, "mom, I want you to squish me with the big ball you're not as fat as Ms. Robbie"  Imagine my relief when she laughed really hard and said, "Cooper you are a hard one to please Mr. - Last week Ms. Lisa wasn't heavy enough and now I'm too heavy!"  Ms. Robbie please forgive my son for his open mouthedness - you have taught him too well how to use his words to say what he needs instead of throwing a fit and having no idea what his needs are.

Imagine my embarrassment when Jaxon asked the sacker at HEB to pull his finger- Imagine my relief when the checker laughed - and said, "I love it when little boys say what their daddy's say to them : )  Turns out she had 4 boys!

Have you had moments like these?!?  If so let me know!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hug your kids

Yesterday I learned of a family who lost their two year old little boy in a pool accident.  Life is unpredictable.  Go hug your kids right now!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I should've known better

In an effort to create a little more fun for the two 3 year old boys that are hanging out here at the house together this summer I bought a little pool this weekend.  It is one of those that has one small ring to blow up on the top and then the pool stands on it's own as it begins to fill.  Needless to say they have been thrilled today!  I have it right out on the back porch so it doesn't get too much sun and they have toys galore.  Every once in a while the water rushes out of the pool from some little feet standing on it and we have to put a little more in.  So, with water running and children laughing I decide to come in and check email, fb etc...  I opened the window right beside the computer table (which is in the dining area of the kitchen so it is right there where I can look and talk to them while they are playing.  Imagine my surprise when I was hit with an enormous shot of water that soaked my right side, everything on the computer table, the keyboard, the end of the kitchen table and halfway across the edge of the kitchen floor.  After the moment of shock wore off- I had to laugh at myself and say "I should've known better.  Currently they are now on the trampoline jumping up and down and spraying each other with the hose- water waster- nope - you can hand water at anytime and it is about time the grass under the trampoline got some water : )  Here is to each of you and your summer fun- May you use more common sense than I do!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Did I say that?

My children hear this phrase come out of my mouth often, "enough of the whining already."  Imagine our surprise this morning when Cooper responded this way to Jeff.

Jeff:  Cooper don't forget to brush your teeth
Cooper:  Daddy enough with the teeth brushing already

Mmmm me thinks I need to watch my phrases and me thinks a young boy needs to get his teeth brush with a bar of soap for his backsass.  Jeff dealt with it in a perfect manner and then we got to giggle about it just before he left for work.  Jeff said he sounded just like me when he said it and he was right.  Cooper is definitely my son!  On a side note I have been keeping my boss' 3 year old just about everyday.  He and Jaxon are both 3.  As I post this I am sitting at my computer by the window watching and listening to them in the back yard.  Should I be concerned when one says to the other, "Hey ants, cool- get your shubel" (aka...shovel)  Maybe I'll end this and step outside for a while.  : )