Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Imagine my embarrassment...

Imagine my embarrassment when I looked over at Jaxon in the middle of lunch outing today only to see him with the salt shaker in his mouth-  IN HIS MOUTH!!!!  Imagine my relief when the man at the table next to us laughed and said not to worry it wasn't the first time he had seen it and it probably won't be the last- boys will be boys.  Thank you sir for your kindness during my moment of shock and awwwwww (yuck/oye).  

Imagine my embarrassment when my Cooper said out loud at Occupational Therapy today, "mom, I want you to squish me with the big ball you're not as fat as Ms. Robbie"  Imagine my relief when she laughed really hard and said, "Cooper you are a hard one to please Mr. - Last week Ms. Lisa wasn't heavy enough and now I'm too heavy!"  Ms. Robbie please forgive my son for his open mouthedness - you have taught him too well how to use his words to say what he needs instead of throwing a fit and having no idea what his needs are.

Imagine my embarrassment when Jaxon asked the sacker at HEB to pull his finger- Imagine my relief when the checker laughed - and said, "I love it when little boys say what their daddy's say to them : )  Turns out she had 4 boys!

Have you had moments like these?!?  If so let me know!


The West's said...

last week, Anna told one of my friends that she looked scary with all her makeup on. I have no doubt in my mind it's b/c she's not used to seeing makeup (b/c I hardly ever wear any).

or last month when Bethany lifted up her dress, then stuck her hand down her panties to scratch her hiney ON STAGE DURING THE PRESCHOOL PROGRAM!

or maybe a while back when we were at a friends house for dinner - Katie spread butter on her roll, then proceeded to lick the butter knife and stick it back in the butter!

Angie said...

My child is in a different age group (he's 13) but still leaves me speechless.
Me: Jacob you know you are not allowed to kiss girls.
Jacob: Too late.
Jacob: There was a friend at VBS from my school.
Me: If they're from your school then they are in our neighborhood. You should have them over.
Jacob: It's a girl.
Paul: ...how about you talking at school.

Jaime said...

Oh yes...we have boys. Beck told his teacher at MDO that he and his Daddy peed in the toilet at the same time and made an X. {lovely}
Beck also likes to say "hey, let's ride the train" and then put his behind in your face and pull the whistle...if you know what I mean.
There are so many more, I couldn't possibly type them all. (I am kind of embarressed to type those two)
I do thank his father for most every one. I should have thought more about who I was marrying because I should have known my kids would be just like them. :-)