Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Did I say that?

My children hear this phrase come out of my mouth often, "enough of the whining already."  Imagine our surprise this morning when Cooper responded this way to Jeff.

Jeff:  Cooper don't forget to brush your teeth
Cooper:  Daddy enough with the teeth brushing already

Mmmm me thinks I need to watch my phrases and me thinks a young boy needs to get his teeth brush with a bar of soap for his backsass.  Jeff dealt with it in a perfect manner and then we got to giggle about it just before he left for work.  Jeff said he sounded just like me when he said it and he was right.  Cooper is definitely my son!  On a side note I have been keeping my boss' 3 year old just about everyday.  He and Jaxon are both 3.  As I post this I am sitting at my computer by the window watching and listening to them in the back yard.  Should I be concerned when one says to the other, "Hey ants, cool- get your shubel" (aka...shovel)  Maybe I'll end this and step outside for a while.  : )

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Jaime said...

It is really scary to hear the way we sound through our kids. I have had "wake-up" calls before too. It isn't too fun eating humble pie. :-)