Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Travel Time

I left town on Thursday to take the kids to Houston and let daddy have some alone time.  We had a  great time and enjoyed visiting with my friend D'Lyn (Auntie D'Lyn) and her girls, as well as my brother and sister-in-law and cousins Katie and Kevin.  All and All the visit was pretty calm.  Auntie D'Lyn has quite the way with babies and Cooper especially loved spending time with her dog Jake.  If I had said yes, we might have a dog named Jake here with us now.  My brother's house was a blast for us all.  Katie spent a lot of time with Zoe and Jaxon.  Kevin played with Mason the whole time and with Cooper some.  Cooper dubbed the study "his" room and camped out in there most of the weekend.  I had a wonderful visit with Chris and Tonja and enjoyed lots of laughter.  Thanks to my friend D'Lyn and to Chris and Tonja for their hospitality!  We all enjoyed our time with you!  We leave Thursday for a trip to Amarillo for the Babcock family reunion!  I hope our trip is as easy and successful as this last weekend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New developments

New formula-  Wow what a difference a change of formula makes.  (and going poop)  Long story short Princess Zoe has some digestive issues and had become a bit "impacted".  : ( 
One suppository later and a special formula switch and I have a completely different child.  Soooooooo much less crying!  Thank God!!  Cooper of course had to put in his opinion and said, "Mom if you need some help helping Zoe poop don't ask me that's not a brother's job.  I'll just kiss her when she needs me!  

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks, but no-eew

It is so sweet when siblings want to take care of each other but this one goes a little too far (sweet but eew).

We are in the car this morning and this is the conversation:
Cooper: Mommy my finger doesn't fit in Zoe's nose
Me: No, it doesn't it isn't supposed to
Cooper: But, mom, she's to little to pick her own nose

Even as I type it I am still laughing!  I know I will never get tired of his comments!!!  Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bits here and there

Ok so I have been a little slow with posts- I was smacked right between the eyes with the whole postpartum thing but I am slowly coming back around.  The kids are hanging in there and we have had some serious fun @ Fiesta Texas thanks to the season passes that Jeff's parents gave us for Christmas.  Cooper and Mason are both big enough to ride the big rides and Jaxon loves to watch people and rides and sit and talk and snuggle with me.  So he and I find a place to "chill" with Zoe and Jeff goes with the boys.  We keep in touch on our cell phones and catch up with each other every few hours or so.  Jaxon's vocabulary has really jumped over the last few weeks and his sentences are becoming more complex.  We have been doing some little crafts around the house the last few days and one had to do with pirates.  Cooper asked me last night "hey mom, why do pirates where matches?"  Of course he meant patches but he was so cute and innocent when he said it.  Be looking for my post coming up on the 60 mile walk I will be participating in for breast cancer.  I will need your help!!