Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One of those nights

No not the lost and lonely ones nights, nor was it one of those where I was the pretty mamma, I might have caught a glimpse of the daughter of the devil but she was not dressed in white- she was in halloween pj's- Eagles fans will be singing all day now!

Anyhoo last night was one of those nights where after the first 2 hours of peaceful sleep, it was a downhill, yucky, noisy night. Can't even begin to tell you how many times I have used the backspace button already during this post. I have resorted to typing with my eyes closed because I make fewer mistakes that way. I had a great typing teacher in HS! So- I woke at 12:30 after falling asleep before 9:00 because I was having a really funky bad dream about having a bad experience and not being able to rely on a boss who couldn't be found and sent all the daycare kids and parents to my house when I had just gotten home from having a baby- yikes- so then I was up- took a hot bath to try and settle again, ate a little snack (sandwich) and then fell asleep for 45 min before waking to the sound of Zoe- Zoe was up at 2:00 and didn't go back to sleep until 6:15ish. Jeff got up at 4:00 and took over while trying to get some emails cleaned out from work but in my sleep I could hear Zoe crying and kept trying to find the baby in my dream that was crying in the middle of me trying to teach my middle school science class. Back up at 5:00 to try and settle Zoe so Jeff could get some work done. I gave her a chewable motrin type tablet and put ear drops in her ears and she settled after about 45 mins but then Cooper got up at 5:45. When he and Jeff went up to get ready for the day- Jeff took Zoe up and she finally fell asleep again! I dozed on the couch for about 25 mins with no dreaming and then it was time to me mommy and wife- Wow! Find the IV and get me some coffee. It is one of those days when I am so so so so very grateful that I am able to stay at home now- both for my sake and for Zoe's- Thank you God! (only 4 1/2 more hours till naptime)

Monday, October 26, 2009

'Member when you were little

Remember when you were little and Christmas took for-ev-er to get here. That is how I am feeling about the 3Day. I know that I need the time to get everything under control but wow I am soo excited and ready to get going. I keep whispering to myself... Be still, Be still, Be still- then I say out loud- now get up and get some more laundry done! Am I the only one who talks to themselves hmmm...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Silpada Jewelry

Last night my friend Roxane brought over her jewelry from Silpada designs and it was beautiful!!!!!!! I love the way these home parties are done. The representative comes in (Roxane) and puts out all her jewelry and then we visit, try on jewelry, and eat and try on jewelry, and talk, and try on... Did I mention that you get to try on the jewelry?! She had sooo much beautiful bling. I know last night was probably not the best night to have this event- especially since not so many showed up- but I plan on having her over again some where around the first of DEC. You won't want to miss it! I do have 2 catalogs and some order forms if anyone wants to preview before the next party - Currently I am wearing the piece I purchased last night- a fresh water pearl ring (princess type cut) sitting on top of a sterling silver base that is made of little small circles - the band is curved for comfort fit! Love it love it love it! Be looking for the invitation to the next showcase- no formal sit down talking thing- just a big showcase of beautiful sterling silver jewelry.

Friday, October 23, 2009

2 weeks

It is only two weeks away until my teammates and I begin our walk. I am starting to get those nervous, excited butterflies in my stomach. You know the ones that kept you up as a kid before the first day of school? Or the ones you had the night before a first date with a guy you really really liked? Or for me the night before I got married. No I am not equating this to my wedding day necessarily but I remember as the days grew closer I got more anxious that I wanted all to go well. I wanted the weather to be great- I wanted all to go smoothly-I find myself praying harder than ever before that lives will be touched and God will be glorified through this event. I find myself begging God to allow the researchers to find a cure- to isolate the gene or whatever it is that causes this horrific disease that someone is diagnosed with every 3 minutes. As the time draws near I ask that you be in prayer with me for the safety of all who are traveling to Dallas, for our feet to be healthy as we walk (specifically no blisters), for us to be uplifting to those around us, and for God to be glorified! I want to thank all of you who were in a position to give monetarily this year and to those who weren't I know you will be thinking about us and praying over us! I thank you in advance for those prayers- I will walk with my head held high and with spring in my steps knowing that my blog readers are supporting this passion of mine!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Radical Obedience

We have been talking at Ladies Bible Class about radical obedience. That is to say obedience that seems a little out there in your own mind compared to what you believe God is calling you to do. It has brought me once again to a moment of why am I staying at home when I could be making a little more money and we really could use it. It seems lately the money coming in is barely enough to cover- some months not so much. We have been saying for months that our finances need a makeover but also understand the need for our family for me to be home when the kids get home from school and not dragging them to work with me (even though that was our option). But the meltdowns from Cooper and the toll that it was taking on the house and the fact that it was not that much a month anyway led us to think that God was trying to remind us to take a leap of faith and let him show us how he could provide. Being radically obedient is not easy and can be a bit painful- and I know that Satan when given the chance will play his favorite trump card (doubt) into our lives. So for today my mantra is God will provide, God will provide, God will provide! Thoughts? Comments? Feel free to leave them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mail Call

In the old days when snail mail was an art form of communication, there was a time of day that all soldiers looked forward to no matter where they were stationed. They would hear someone yell, "mail call" and wait with baited breath to hear if their name would be called - maybe a letter from their mom, or a friend, or hopefully their significant other. You know it made their day to hear their name called. The people at the Breast Cancer 3 Day have created an awesome thing for the walkers there in order for us to get a little pep in our step if you will at the end of the day. You can send mail to us. Last year my tent mate got some pictures that her daughter and her daughters friends had drawn. It was a wonderful surprise for her to get and they made a great addition to the inside of our tent : ). Here is a copy of the post from our Team Captain that is on the teamtiara website (

There’s nothing like a letter from a loved one to inspire you to keep going. If you’d like to write a letter to a 3-Day walker, it will be waiting in Camp at the end of the first day.

Send letters to:
Breast Cancer 3-Day Post Office
P.O. Box 126496
Benbrook, TX 76126

Envelopes only, please. No boxes or large packages. Mail must be postmarked no later than October 27th in order to ensure delivery. Any mail that is not retrieved by the participant by November 20th will be destroyed.

If the mood strikes you this week- I would love to hear from you while I am at the 3 day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

4 years ago today

It is hard to believe that 4 years ago today I gave birth to a sweet, crazy, wild man named Jaxon. After 5 days in the hospital on yucky medicine trying to get me to 33 weeks pregnant, he was determined to make his entrance - so they turned off the medicine and let me shower as they waited for a bed to open up in L&D. I had a visit from the Tart family- just to say hi! And then my friend Shannon came over after she dropped off Anna at preschool. She stayed and we talked and laughed and all the while I was contracting but the pain didn't seem too bad- I only had to stop a few times and say ow. By the time they moved me over to L&D I was a 6. My doctor, knowing that I didn't care for the whole natural thing said, "nobody touch her get the anesthesiologist in her right now and I will be right back." He actually made it back into the room before I could get my epidural chewing and coughing- turns out he was cramming his sandwich down- lol. He stayed in the room for the rest of the time after that. Never left our bedside. He laughed and talked with Jeff until I got numb and then I went 7-10 in no time and then Jaxon!!! He still has the same face when he cries : ) Here are 4 things I love about this squishy, snugglie, cutie patootie, who can be quite the annoyance to his big brothers:

1. He loves to snuggle at anytime (bedtime, naptime, playtime whatever)
2. He tells me I am bootiful and dat I am dee best mommy ever ( every day )
3. He loves to play chase with Zoe
4. He loves to play on the computer and can find his websites and maneuver them like no 4 year old should be able to do.

Happy birthday crazy boy! Mommy loves you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I will carry my flag with pride for this face!

Today I got a very exciting phone call from one of the ladies at the Breast Cancer 3 Day. She asked if I would be interested in carrying a flag at opening ceremony!!!! Are you kidding of course I will! What an honor! What a great way to show my respect, love, excitement for all those survivors that will be there as well as represent my team. The flags have words written on them like: mother, daughter, sister, friend, partner, wife, grandmother etc. If you watch a little of the video that is attached in the post from the other day you will be able to see some of the flags. Our Captain and my good friend D'lyn Biggs carried one last year and it was so cool to see her up there on stage as the sun came up behind her - it is a picture that I have etched into my brain that I won't soon forget. I was so proud of her for her story- for her journey in losing her mom and getting this group of women (and 1 man- this year 2 men) to bond together over a cure- she is a great cheerleader for us and I love seeing the emails called Whoo-Hoos! D I follow proudly in your footsteps and I will carry that flag with my head held high. Thank you for introducing me to this awesome event! To my team mates- thank you for your encouragement, for your never ending fund raising and for your excitement as each of us reach our goals. To my friends and family- thank you for your support- with out you I wouldn't be able to participate in this event that has become such a passion for me! Only 22 more days to go- Bring it on!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My cup runneth over

What a day today has been! I'm not even sure I know where to begin. I am sure that ALL Glory and Praise to God for this day. A little background: Over the last 10 years... I did not volunteer to do much in the service department when it came to church. I signed up to volunteer once for one thing and many of my ideas were shot down, I decided that would be the last time I would sign up for anything. Don't get me wrong - I taught many classes, from cradle roll to the Wednesday night Ladies Bible Class. That didn't feel like serving though because I enjoy teaching and because it is something that comes easily to me. But, when it came to volunteering to do things - I just didn't. I didn't step outside of many of my comfort zones because I allowed a large cup of bitterness to fill me. Bitterness over hurt feelings, bitterness over marital struggles, bitterness over judgements that were made that weren't true but never clarified. Don't get me wrong - I wasn't in one of those "why me" states of mind for that many years- I just wasn't serving the way I had been taught to do. I knew I was blessed but I wasn't living like it. When Jeff and I made the decision to change churches - I made a promise to God that I would serve heart and soul. Fast forward to September when I made a conscience decision to go to Ladies Bible Class. Because I worked, I had not gone to Bible Class in the past- the one time I could have attended, I chose to work in the nursery and earn a little money so that I didn't have to be in the class itself. A serving role yes, but also a role of avoidance. So, I was now a member of Ladies Bible Class. I signed up to do a breakfast one morning in Oct. (That would be this morning) Little did I know the impact that decision would have on my day today. I consider myself to be very creative in the kitchen- I can cook and I am good at it (I think) - so the food was not a problem. But I do not have a crafty bone in my body and so the cutesy little things that people normally come up with to set a cute table was not something that I thought I could do. However, with my passion for the Breast Cancer 3 Day- I do have an enormous collection of fun pink boas and rose petals and tiaras. ( So I decided that in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month I would go pink. So I did- Jeff carved an awareness ribbon into a pumpkin and I painted it pink (Thanks D for the idea) and I went all out. Then I took a leap of faith. As I was getting help setting up I asked if I could have a moment at the end to plead my case for the 3 day. The answer, "Yes". I prayed that God would give me words. He did. Through tears I spoke of my passion for this cause- I spoke of my Grandmother a 45 year survivor, I spoke of Sue, the reason for our team being together, I spoke of Zoe- the reason I walk- so that breast cancer will be gone before she gets boobies! My friends- God is so good- that group of ladies didn't bat an eye when I asked for help with my fund raising- they gave just over $200.00. This morning I needed $1000.00 to meet my requirement of $2300.00- now not so much! But it wasn't about the money- we are studying a book called "What Happens When Women Say Yes To God". I can tell you- our lives are blessed. At lunch then I was asked how Jeff and I got together and I was given the opportunity to tell "my story". The story that proves that I am standing in the palm of God's hands as he moves me through different phases of my life and carries me through each one of them as He promises. And not only that He is glorified in each situation as I allow Him to carry me. Man- what a day! My cup runneth over with the goodness of God! Thank you to all who blessed my life today!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Here paci, paci, paci

No we are not calling a new animal - we are always on the hunt for one in our house these days. Mason gave his up at 4 1/2. I remember fondly him walking down the aisle at Aunt Jenni's wedding with his paci in his mouth- his blankie in his hand and Poppy carried the ring pillow : ) To say that they have been an important part of our world would be an understatement. Currently Jaxon still has his and his blankie and while Zoe doesn't take one all the time (usually at just in her bed) we have used it some. So, I decided to start collecting all the ones I find when I am cleaning and put them in the same place. I began yesterday to put them in a basket. I found 18 yesterday altogether! Yes, 18- and then found 3 in my room last night when I was folding a long overdue pile of clothes. So this morning this basket of pacis has kept Zoe very busy. She is sitting on the floor taking them in and out and tasting certain ones of them (I don't know how she decides which ones to taste). Who needs toys right?! Anyway as my pediatrician assures me that none of my children will go to college with their pacis I will allow them to have them until their mouths think they don't feel right anymore- which is what she said would happen and what happened with Mason. I think I will go round up some toys to throw out! Have a blessed day!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

bling for boobies

So today I was challenged to ask 10 people to donate to the 3 day- as I post this I have asked 6 and while no one actually put money into my hand I learned many things!
1) God is AWESOME- ok I already knew that but man oh man does he ever reveal himself to me over and over and over: So I go into a children's resale shop to find out the details of dropping off clothes and all the ins and outs of what they need. You see I have tons of clothes and I thought it would be a great way to put money into my 3 Day funds instead of keeping the money for myself. I ran into an old friend of mine and as we began to talk she said she sold jewelry and was looking for an event to do that qualified as a fundraiser- walah! She is going to do a showing at my house within the next few weeks (probably the 15th or 16th) and the proceeds with go to my fundraising efforts! I will serve a big fat dinner to fill our tummies and we will look at pretty pretty jewelry and fellowship and anything sold that night will benefit Team Tiara - I think I will call it "Buffet and Bling for Boobies" of course if you can come up with something even better there might be a little door prize for you! Black out those dates friends- everyone is invited- bring as many as you can and another door prize will be awarded. Christmas is only 79 days away (I think- our friend Lisa might know) This would be an awesome opportunity to buy something for yourself or someone else. Ok
2) I learned that there is a woman out there who is a survivor:
she is the mother of my sweet neighbor Linda. My kids and Linda's kids play together often and we talk all the time and yet because I had never really mentioned what I was doing or why we had never talked about her mother's fight! We have now! Right place at the right time you better believe it - God has a way of doing that doesn't he?!
3) I learned that my right leg was a good inch or so shorter than my left-
ok maybe that is not great but because it was I having a hard time with my right hip, so I went to a chiropractor and wow do I feel better. In the meantime I was able to visit with him about the 3 day and he has daughters and a granddaughter and a wife - he is surrounded by boobies that need to be saved! I will see him next week and his daughter who I used to teach in Jr. High will be bringing her daughter to play with Zoe. God provides another opportunity for me to minister to others via sharing my 3 day experience- I left my card with him in the hopes that if he needs to share it with any of his patients he can!
You see- great day- this afternoon my team mate/ friend / and 3 day tent mate posted a portion of the awesome 3 day video that reminds me why I do what I do- I hope you will see why it is such a passion for me- your prayers are being heard- my training is going great- I'm sure now with my back better it will go even smoother- enjoy the video and pleas share with others if you will.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 Day funds

I am sooo excited!!!! With the checks that are in the mail on their way to my 3Day account I have as of today $991.00. That means I only need $1309.00 in order to have the privilege to walk for those who can't! Thank you to all my friends who have helped so far. If you are reading this and you want to help- email me @ and I can help direct you from there!
Have a great day!

Oh yeah by the way- October is breast cancer awareness month and because it is the first why not make the first day of every month starting today- your self check day. Kneed your knockers, check you chi-chis, mind your mammeries, etc...- what cute little saying can you come up with that will help you to remember- I am always looking for a good one : )