Friday, October 23, 2009

2 weeks

It is only two weeks away until my teammates and I begin our walk. I am starting to get those nervous, excited butterflies in my stomach. You know the ones that kept you up as a kid before the first day of school? Or the ones you had the night before a first date with a guy you really really liked? Or for me the night before I got married. No I am not equating this to my wedding day necessarily but I remember as the days grew closer I got more anxious that I wanted all to go well. I wanted the weather to be great- I wanted all to go smoothly-I find myself praying harder than ever before that lives will be touched and God will be glorified through this event. I find myself begging God to allow the researchers to find a cure- to isolate the gene or whatever it is that causes this horrific disease that someone is diagnosed with every 3 minutes. As the time draws near I ask that you be in prayer with me for the safety of all who are traveling to Dallas, for our feet to be healthy as we walk (specifically no blisters), for us to be uplifting to those around us, and for God to be glorified! I want to thank all of you who were in a position to give monetarily this year and to those who weren't I know you will be thinking about us and praying over us! I thank you in advance for those prayers- I will walk with my head held high and with spring in my steps knowing that my blog readers are supporting this passion of mine!

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