Wednesday, October 7, 2009

bling for boobies

So today I was challenged to ask 10 people to donate to the 3 day- as I post this I have asked 6 and while no one actually put money into my hand I learned many things!
1) God is AWESOME- ok I already knew that but man oh man does he ever reveal himself to me over and over and over: So I go into a children's resale shop to find out the details of dropping off clothes and all the ins and outs of what they need. You see I have tons of clothes and I thought it would be a great way to put money into my 3 Day funds instead of keeping the money for myself. I ran into an old friend of mine and as we began to talk she said she sold jewelry and was looking for an event to do that qualified as a fundraiser- walah! She is going to do a showing at my house within the next few weeks (probably the 15th or 16th) and the proceeds with go to my fundraising efforts! I will serve a big fat dinner to fill our tummies and we will look at pretty pretty jewelry and fellowship and anything sold that night will benefit Team Tiara - I think I will call it "Buffet and Bling for Boobies" of course if you can come up with something even better there might be a little door prize for you! Black out those dates friends- everyone is invited- bring as many as you can and another door prize will be awarded. Christmas is only 79 days away (I think- our friend Lisa might know) This would be an awesome opportunity to buy something for yourself or someone else. Ok
2) I learned that there is a woman out there who is a survivor:
she is the mother of my sweet neighbor Linda. My kids and Linda's kids play together often and we talk all the time and yet because I had never really mentioned what I was doing or why we had never talked about her mother's fight! We have now! Right place at the right time you better believe it - God has a way of doing that doesn't he?!
3) I learned that my right leg was a good inch or so shorter than my left-
ok maybe that is not great but because it was I having a hard time with my right hip, so I went to a chiropractor and wow do I feel better. In the meantime I was able to visit with him about the 3 day and he has daughters and a granddaughter and a wife - he is surrounded by boobies that need to be saved! I will see him next week and his daughter who I used to teach in Jr. High will be bringing her daughter to play with Zoe. God provides another opportunity for me to minister to others via sharing my 3 day experience- I left my card with him in the hopes that if he needs to share it with any of his patients he can!
You see- great day- this afternoon my team mate/ friend / and 3 day tent mate posted a portion of the awesome 3 day video that reminds me why I do what I do- I hope you will see why it is such a passion for me- your prayers are being heard- my training is going great- I'm sure now with my back better it will go even smoother- enjoy the video and pleas share with others if you will.

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