Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One of those nights

No not the lost and lonely ones nights, nor was it one of those where I was the pretty mamma, I might have caught a glimpse of the daughter of the devil but she was not dressed in white- she was in halloween pj's- Eagles fans will be singing all day now!

Anyhoo last night was one of those nights where after the first 2 hours of peaceful sleep, it was a downhill, yucky, noisy night. Can't even begin to tell you how many times I have used the backspace button already during this post. I have resorted to typing with my eyes closed because I make fewer mistakes that way. I had a great typing teacher in HS! So- I woke at 12:30 after falling asleep before 9:00 because I was having a really funky bad dream about having a bad experience and not being able to rely on a boss who couldn't be found and sent all the daycare kids and parents to my house when I had just gotten home from having a baby- yikes- so then I was up- took a hot bath to try and settle again, ate a little snack (sandwich) and then fell asleep for 45 min before waking to the sound of Zoe- Zoe was up at 2:00 and didn't go back to sleep until 6:15ish. Jeff got up at 4:00 and took over while trying to get some emails cleaned out from work but in my sleep I could hear Zoe crying and kept trying to find the baby in my dream that was crying in the middle of me trying to teach my middle school science class. Back up at 5:00 to try and settle Zoe so Jeff could get some work done. I gave her a chewable motrin type tablet and put ear drops in her ears and she settled after about 45 mins but then Cooper got up at 5:45. When he and Jeff went up to get ready for the day- Jeff took Zoe up and she finally fell asleep again! I dozed on the couch for about 25 mins with no dreaming and then it was time to me mommy and wife- Wow! Find the IV and get me some coffee. It is one of those days when I am so so so so very grateful that I am able to stay at home now- both for my sake and for Zoe's- Thank you God! (only 4 1/2 more hours till naptime)

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