Friday, October 9, 2009

Here paci, paci, paci

No we are not calling a new animal - we are always on the hunt for one in our house these days. Mason gave his up at 4 1/2. I remember fondly him walking down the aisle at Aunt Jenni's wedding with his paci in his mouth- his blankie in his hand and Poppy carried the ring pillow : ) To say that they have been an important part of our world would be an understatement. Currently Jaxon still has his and his blankie and while Zoe doesn't take one all the time (usually at just in her bed) we have used it some. So, I decided to start collecting all the ones I find when I am cleaning and put them in the same place. I began yesterday to put them in a basket. I found 18 yesterday altogether! Yes, 18- and then found 3 in my room last night when I was folding a long overdue pile of clothes. So this morning this basket of pacis has kept Zoe very busy. She is sitting on the floor taking them in and out and tasting certain ones of them (I don't know how she decides which ones to taste). Who needs toys right?! Anyway as my pediatrician assures me that none of my children will go to college with their pacis I will allow them to have them until their mouths think they don't feel right anymore- which is what she said would happen and what happened with Mason. I think I will go round up some toys to throw out! Have a blessed day!!

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Jaime said...

I know the feeling of how beloved they are, and I know how annoying always searching for a lost one is. :-) We kept them in a kitchen drawer and that is right where Briggs went when he saw his was cut that dreadful morning. Sadly for him they had all been moved. You should have some stock in those...18, wow. And they aren't super cheap, either.