Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Treasuring those moments

Today was the first day of our vacation- a real vacation- just the six of us. We are staying in Port A near the beach. I remember being excited as a child when travel time would arrive. My dad was always very intense about loading the car "right"- there were 6 of us then as there are now and I know why now! He was a great packer and taught me everything I know. We had to help bring the luggage out to the car and I can remember how frustrated he got if we brought out the pillows or toys first : ). This morning while loading and packing Jaxon and Cooper were already in the car. Jaxon actually had his seatbelt on, even though it took me a good 30 min to pack the car the way I wanted it packed. Oye! Thanks dad for teaching me how to pack a car. We loaded up and got to the exit of our subdivision only to realize that neither of us had the directions to where we were going. We turned around and about the time that we did I heard Jaxon in the back say, "are we at the beach yet?" I knew then it was going to be a long 3 hour "tour". The trip wasn't too bad and the kids love the place where we are staying. Cooper said it felt just like home! He said at dinner that this was the happiest he had ever been. Then he thanked us for taking a vacation. I have mentioned several times in my life that I love how The Bible makes mention of the fact that "Mary treasured all of these things in her heart." I will never forget the looks on my kids faces seeing the beach for the first time. Zoe smiled from ear to ear. Mason couldn't believe you could drive on the beach- he thought that was very cool. Jaxon loved loved loved the sand and the water!! Cooper - that sensory boy buried his feet in all the different textures of the sand and said several times that he wanted to feel the waves on his feet. That is my boy! Even Jeff who is relatively silent about most things unless asked said out loud with no prompting- wow it is really pretty here and look how happy the kids are! I stopped and thanked God for those 5 blessings standing there by the ocean and put it into my heart. God is Good!!!! All the time!!!!

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Chera said...

AMEN!! Glad y'all are enjoying precious family time! I hope the kids feel better soon!!