Friday, July 17, 2009

12 on the 12th

Jeff and I were married 12 years ago on last Sunday (the 12th of July).  It has been a crazy 12 years to say the least.  We knew when we met that each other was "the one."  In fact, Jeff bought my ring in August before he asked me to marry him in December.  We had only been dating for 5 months when he bought it.  Sometimes we can't believe soo much has happened in the 13 years that we have known each other to say the least our 4 little blessings!  So I would like to share 12 things about Jeff that make me laugh/love him more and more:

1 He is not afraid to do dishes, laundry, clean toilets, or sweep and mop the floor.  I don't ask- he just does them.
2 He is great with money
3 He loves to wrestle and play with the kids
4 He was amazingly supportive through my pregnancies/ labor / and birth
5 He likes to do stupid dances for me and the kid just for a laugh
6 He is a gadget guru!  (techno geek if you will)
7 He loves to shop at Big Lots and Marshalls and then come home and show me all his bargins.
8 He never criticizes my shortcomings as a housewife because he knows the kids come first!
9 He believes that a mommy should stay at home if at all possible and works hard to support that dream for our family. 
10 He knows that I would love to go to nursing school, reminds me of it often, and refuses to let it just be a pipe dream.  He says often, "one of these days babe you will go to nursing school and make an awesome nurse"    : )
11 When we were having problems he was willing to do whatever it took to get help and has not been embarrassed to talk about it to others when asked.
12 He has put into practice full force the things we are learning as the "help" continues and that makes him a strong and powerful man in my eyes!!!

Jeff, I love you!!!!!


Jill said...

happy anniversary! it was a beautiful wedding~

kara said...

happy anniversary! and, you would make a GREAT nurse :)

Jcbaron99 said...

Happy Anniversary!

Chera said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love you both!!

Julie said...

Congrats and happy anniversary!

kristin and chance said...

this is so sweet!! i loved number 11! everyone is going to have their own share of "problems", so it should be ok to talk about it with others. i love you!! happy anniversary (really late)!!