Friday, September 18, 2009

What is in your jeans?

So tonight we were able to go see the Regan vs. Churchill football game. We had a great time and had some great seats. We were the guests of our friends Jeff and Brenda Peak. Coach Jeff is coaching for Churchill and he and Brenda and their kids play a very important role in our lives and the lives of our kids. It was such a close game and we were sorry it couldn't put a W in the books for Churchill. However, a great time was had by all and let me tell you a large laugh was had by all as well. Here's how it all played out... I got all the kids dressed and had Jaxon in a pair of jeans that were a little to big but he is in an in between size and it was the best I could do. While we were waiting on Jeff to get home, Jaxon was playing on the computer and I noticed that he had his jeans down around his ankles for some reason. So I went over and stood him up and pulled up his jeans and went about my way getting everything ready. When we got to the game and I pulled him out of the car I noticed he was walking funny. I asked if his shoe was on funny and he said no. He mumbled something but I didn't understand what he said so I just ignored it and we went on. When we got into the stadium and met up with Brenda she asked if he needed to go to the bathroom because he was walking funny and I said no that his jeans were too big and we went on up to our seats. On the way up though he stumbled several times and she finally picked him up and carried him the rest of the way and noted how heavy he seemed. Ok so we are about midway through the 2nd quarter when he goes over to sit in Brenda's lap and his feet are close to me and I hear her say, "Jaxon what is in your jeans?" I look over and down by his shoe stuck in the bottom of his jeans was something that I thought was his toy from his kids meal he had eaten on the way to the game. I know by now you are dying to know what it is aren't you? Ok so I reach in and start laughing because the boy had a juice glass in his jeans. Yes, you read that right. Sometimes you might refer to them as a high ball- but it was a lead crystal short thick round glass between his leg and the side of his jeans. We could not stop laughing and he was just grinning from ear to ear. When I put him to bed I finally got a clear picture of what had happened. As he was playing on the computer, he was standing and his pants had fallen down to his ankles because they were too big. He knocked the glass off of the computer table and somehow it landed in his jeans. When I saw him he was playing with his jeans but I thought he was just trying to pull them up. He tried to tell me twice but I didn't understand what he was talking about. Tooo Funny that boy- I think I will check his jeans next time!

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Jaime said...

hilarious...I am glad it didn't break in there!!!