Thursday, September 4, 2008


So apparently I offended some with my last post-  I would like to say sorry to all of you who are following the election coverage closely trying to decide who to vote for.  Let me try to explain- Olympics - love them, love the coverage, watch tons of it!  
Football- love it, college, pro all of it watch as much of it as possible.
Christmas- watch 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" for most of the 24 hours (you'll shoot your eye out)
Election years I just get tired of all of the coverage and the bickering.  Maybe because in my family I was the peacemaker and if there was fighting or anything I begged for calm and quiet.  So if you were upset by my post or if I came across as ignorant I really didn't mean to offend anyone.  Just blogging feelings! 


D'Lyn said...

No apologies necessary. What people don't always realize about a blog is that it's like reading your journal. You put your thoughts out there and if people agree, great. If they get offended, perhaps they need to step out of the blog-world. Because if your post offended them, their skin is WAY too thin!!!

I'm one of those people that has watched CNN almost constantly -- with GLEE!!! I LOVE this process. AND I LOVE the fact that a chick like me -- okay, she's hot, really smart, an incredible public speaker and a governer, but otherwise she's a chick like me -- can end up in the White House!!!

How cool is that and I'm just JAZZED at what that will show my daughters someday!!

But I get that not everyone sees things the way I do -- that not everyone wants to be tuned into every second. And not everyone wants to know the truth of the WHY that trooper should have been fired and if the jet was the first thing she'd ever put on Ebay and all that jazz!

I'm rambling. Just don't apologize for putting yourself out there.

Love ya,

Court Me Tennis said...

You were the peacemaker?

sheila said...

I loved your blog...what's wrong with speaking your own mind on your own's not whether any one agrees or's just you speaking how you feel. No prob here!! Love you and your blog...all of them!