Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where's the food?

My precious Cooper is learning to be so independent these days.  Last week he mentioned to daddy that he had been eating breakfast at school.  Now, we provide breakfast for him here.  Apparently he thought that because the K-2 grade kids wait in the Cafeteria in the mornings that he was supposed to eat breakfast there to.  So, he was going in, getting in line with the other kids and giving them his "number".  I think his exact words were, "I go in give em my number and they give me food."  First let me say we had not put any money into his account because there was no need.  He eats here before he leaves, and takes his lunch.  Second, we had never told him his number.  This cutie patootie was going in and giving him #258 and I guess they would look into those big blue eyes and give him food because 258 is his bus number.  I love love love this boy!  Yesterday, we told him you may eat breakfast in the cafeteria but we need to give you money.  We gave him a dollar.  When we asked what he ate he said, "I just had some chocolate milk".  He did not get his change back either : )  I guess we do owe a bit of money so we will let that slide (tee-hee).  We have been cracking up for days over this.  When I told his teacher, she asked if it was ok if she shared this with the administration because everyone loves stories of independence gone astray.  She mentioned how much she was enjoying having Cooper in her class because he is always good for a great comment and laughter.  That's my boy!


Court Me Tennis said...

I love that he wasn't shy about just getting on up in that breakfast line. Also, since he's a boy, he went ahead and told you instead of sneaking around like all us girls do.

ME: Alex, did you speed on your motorcycle?
ALEX: Yes, and I got a ticket and am dating a stripper and drank a beer.

ME: Drake, did you fall asleep during AP Language Arts?
DRAKE: Yes, because my teacher is not qualified to teach even Freshman English and I am full of disdain for her. Our educational system is morbidly flawed.

ME: Savannah, did you write your name in lipstick on the sidewalk?

Jcbaron99 said...

He's so cute. Summer never would have been outgoing enough to just get in line. Glad your blogging all these memories to look back on!