Sunday, September 21, 2008

8 years ago

At 6:38 pm on Sept. 21, 2000 a precious 4lb 13oz baby came into this world with reckless abandon.  The doctor came in to "check" me right before a scheduled C-section.  The C-section was to begin at 6:30 and it was 6:15.  He woke me up and said he would just check and see how I was doing and would be back after he was finished in the OR. He quickly changed his mind and within minutes there were 15+ people in the room.  I remember them telling me not to push about a thousand and one times and I remember how loud the tv was.  I remember that Martha and Alan (Poppy and MarMar) had just stepped out to get a bite to eat and they came running back in.  Aunt Jenny was there to take pictures, and Jeff was there with a look on his face that I never seen before nor since.  I remember shouting for someone to turn off the tv because I was trying to concentrate on not pushing.  Mason was ready ready ready to greet all those people.  The nurse said "Kayren, don't push" and I said  "I'm not but he's coming!"  The doctor caught him with one glove on and one glove half on.  The room went silent.  He wasn't breathing at first and was completely blue.  Within a few seconds they had him pink and handed him to Jeff.  My favorite picture of all of my babies are the ones where Jeff holds them for the first time.  He presented him to me- and I fell in love!  Here was this tiny, swollen, cone headed, bruised-eyed, baby with a cut on his right arm.  Apparently because of the one long contraction that lasted all day on Wednesday -He had been squished and that caused him to look like he had been in a battle.  On top of that, he had come through the birth canal so quickly that he cut his arm on my tail bone (too wierd).  I only got to hold him for a minute and then he was gone.  By 7:05 my room was empty.  Julie Covington and Laurin Hall had called at 5 something and I told them to come on that it would be a while.  They came in to me sitting on the bed in a room all alone and were shocked that it had all gone down so quickly.   They say children change your life but who are they.  They don't say how because there are no words to say how much they do!  Here are 10 ways that Mason has changed my life:

1. I now understand unconditional love.
2. Looking into the eyes of your child when they hurt is the most painful ache in your heart.
3. I have never laughed/cried so hard when it came to one person.
4. Mason has a way of looking at a person and bringing out laughter and love.
5. Holidays are even better with Mason around.
6. Mason has an incredible sense of humor.
7. Stubborn is as stubborn does.  ( I thought I was stubborn)
8. I now know that bald is definitely beautiful. (he was shiny)
9. Mason has a very forgiving heart.
10. Speaking of heart Mason never fails to feel compassion for those who are less fortunate. 

I could keep going - but I won't - I will just say how thankful I am that this amazing little dude came into our family and rocked our world!!

I love you son!


Jill said...

so sweet, and true!
happy birthday mason!!!

Chera said...

So do change everything!! It's funny how we don't remember life without them, isn't it?! Happy Birthday Mason!!

Court Me Tennis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASON! May your matchbox cars always be shiny, may you always be able to beat the dog out of your younger brothers, and may you always, always remember that in addition to the MILLIONS of people who love you, there's an oddball, black sheep, slightly disturbed Aunt Jackie in Atlanta who ADORES you and will always remember holding you wearing a tiny tiny leather jacket and sobbing because you were going back to Texas.