Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Is there anyone else out there that doesn't care?  Not to forsake those who fought for our freedom or whatever but sometimes politics just get on my nerves.  Who cares if she is young has a DS baby and daughter is pregnant?  Maybe she is the most real person we have had in front of us.  And who cares if he is not really black.  And who cares if he hasn't served in the military.  I just get so tired of it all.  YES, I vote and I do research to see whom I think is best for my family but I really get tired of hearing it all.  Ok I will now climb down off of my soap box and get back to my family!  Thank you for your attention!  : )


kristin and chance said...

AMEN!!!!!!! seriously. i am so tired of hearing all about obama and his "change" and mccain's absolutely awful choice for vp. it gets so old. as far as i am concerned, there are no good choices this time around. we should all uproot and go live in the mountains of peru. ha. but really, i agree with you 100%! miss you and your family tons.

Chera said...

I totally agree with you! Nobody is perfect and shouldn't be expected to be...we can't control our children's choices as they get older! The best we can do is accept that and make the best of the Palin has!

WA Oliver said...

This is a response I sent to someone who sent me a political email:

It's disgusting.....both Republicans and's a stage production........playing on the wistful minds of Americans, who, for the most part, don't know their head from a hole in the ground. The arm waving Bible thumping (so-called) Christian is as scary to me as any other faith. While I'm at has literally slipped through the cracks under the leadership of politicians from OUR (meaning baby boomers) generation. Now we have a bunch of spoiled poorly educated voters. I came from Democrat parents, but have voted Republican MOST of the time. The older I get the bigger the lies..........and the more ashamed I am of my complacency and willingness to let the "smart people" run our country.

Shannon told me about your post!!