Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toddler moments

Jaxon has been talking more and more these days with the older boys in school.  I guess he has decided that now he able to get a word in edgewise he will.  Here are two conversations I have had with him over the last week:
Me:  Wow, Jaxon you are really strong
Jax:  Yeah, and I cute too

And in the great game of I will stall so I won't have to sleep:
Me:  Ok it is time to go to sleep
Jax:  I can't 
Me:  Why
Jax:  My feet are scared
Me: (trying not to laugh) What are they scared of
Jax:  Crocodiles
Me:  Oh yeah? Why should feet be scared of Crocodiles?
Jax:  De eet dem, and your face and your ears and your eyes and your mouf too but de yike feet the most.

Stinker - He plays this game so well!!


Chera said...

Cute!! I can clearly picture your face as he is telling you all of this! Made me laugh just thinking about it...ha! Love you!

kristin and chance said...

oh my goodness!! i LOVE reading your blogs. your children never fail to bring a smile to my face. you better be expecting a visit from me around october 20ish. i miss you guys!!