Monday, January 14, 2013

What will 2013 bring?

Sometimes I look into the faces of my children and wonder how in the world could I be so lucky.  I know many parents feel that way but seriously God gave me some pretty ones.  I look at those blue eyes that all of them have (they are all a different color of blue) and the shape of their lips, their dimples and even that little part under their nose above their top lip and think, "wow God you done good!"  2012 marked the end of "little" at our house- no more diapers- I have been changing diapers for 12 years.  I gave away all clothes for the boys that were size 5 and below and gave away all of Zoe's clothes that were 4 and below (for the most part although I have found a few here and there that need to go).  I told someone the other day that I have enjoyed for the most part watching the boys grow and change but Zoe is killing me... when I go to buy her spring clothes I will be buying size 6 clothes- I have no one in the baby/little kid section at any department store or wally world or whatever.  Where did my babies go??  So what will 2013 bring?  I don't know but one of my resolutions was to be more like Mary and store all of these things up in my heart.  So I post this picture of my kids at Thanksgiving 2012 and take a moment to thank God for the blessing of my "babies"!

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