Sunday, April 12, 2009

kid speak

As I have before and will try to remember to do often- I like to post what I hear kids say:
Friday night:  Jaxon- Mommy does Papa Jommies deliver pizza to lifetime?
Sunday afternoon: Henry (2)- MarMar are there breakables in this house?
Sunday evening: Cooper- Mommy I want to eat at Taco Cavana
Sunday evening: Jaxon has really started pulling out all the stops when it comes to bedtime- Mommy your so pretty wif u quowes.  (thank you go to sleep) Mommy your so pretty wif u hair. (thank you son, it's time to sleep)  Mommy you so pretty wif u feet.  I wuv you soo very very much!  (thank you son, now stop talking.)  I never get tired of hear little people learning to talk : )


Jill said...

it was so good to see you this morning. all your kids are precious, of course, but miss zoe is delicious!

Julie said...


kristin and chance said...

i miss your kiddos so much!! i HAVE to come by next time i am in san antonio and see all of you. love you guys!

Jaime said...

I love when little ones talk too. I hope we never forget those little voices!