Monday, December 15, 2008

8 things tag

Ok so I have been tagged and I think this is the first time I've done this:  

8 shows I watch:
1. ER (I am having a hard time with this the last season- I feel like I am losing an old friend)
2. Gray's Anatomy
3. Big Bang Theory
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. CSI Miami
7. 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray
8. Dr. Phil ( I love Dr. Phil- I have a BS in psychology and so his show is great to me)
*All of these shows are recorded- I don't ever get to sit down and watch them live.  I watch after the kids are in bed or when I am up feeding Zoe at 4am.

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Saltgrass
2. Johnny Carino's
3. Zio's
4. Macaroni Grill (spying an Italian theme?)
5. Fire Wok
6. Formosa Garden
7. Cracker Barrell
8. Any Fast Food chain (french fries are yummy!)

8 things that happened to me today (ok yesterday-it is not even 8 in the morning)
1. Went to Church
2. Zoe spit up right down my shirt with a big grin on her face
3. Ate at a new restaurant (The Egg and I)  good but way overpriced
4. Took a long nap with Jaxon
5. Cleaned out my van
6. Watched my kids have a ball playing flashlight hide and seek outside
7. Went to Lifetime Fitness Child Center Christmas Party
8. Went to the grocery store

8 things I look forward to:
1. Singing in Heaven
2. My dad seeing Zoe for the first time
3. 2009 3Day Breast Cancer walk
4. Christmas morning
5. My next date night alone with Jeff (these are so few and far between)
6. Being together with the Norwood side of the family again
7. My trip to TN in Jan to meet up with my 6 high school friends
8. Finishing my Christmas shopping

8 things I wish:
1. That my children grow up to feel emotionally balanced
2. That I am strong enough to not fail in my New Year's resolutions
3. Finacial peace
4. That I leave my mark on the people I meet in a positive way
5.  For World peace
6.  That Cooper to find a way to express his emotions in an acceptable way
7. That magical fairies would come in the middle of the night and organize and clean my house while we all slept soundly with no one waking up!
8. That all of my friends would have a stressfree enjoyable holiday!

8 people I tag:
I am the last one to do this so I think I'll just tag my seven imaginary friends that read this blog- and my friend D'Lyn.


karabee said...

i'm not imaginary, but can i be tagged please? :)

Court Me Tennis said...

8 Shows I watch:
- America's Next Top Model
- House
- The Andy Griffith Show
- Fairly Odd Parents
- The Amazing Race
- The History Channel

8 Favorite Restaurants:
- Carrabba's Italian
- Chili's
- On the Border
- Chick-fil-A
- Los Arcos
- Grouchy's
- Roadhouse
- La Frontera

8 Things that Happened to me today:
- Got up late
- Recorded a greeting for a national client
- Participated in a Conference Call
- Let someone hug me
- Laughed at kitty
- Felt better when I prayed
- Read Kayren's blog
- Emailed Alex on Facebook

8 Things I look forward to:
- Winning the weight loss challenge at work
- Seeing Alex become a Marine
- Seeing Drake graduate from high school in May
- Seeing Savannah drive a car for the first time
- Singing with Kayren in Heaven (you sing alto, I'll take soprano)
- Seeing my first grandchild, although it BETTER not be anytime soon
- Christmas Eve
- Seeing my nephews and niece in San Antonio!!

8 Things I wish:
- That my divorce was final
- That I was financially independent and had a bunch of extra money to give away
- That I didn't get so annoyed by people who don't have a hard life
- That my children are healthy and happy and good
- That Alex doesn't get killed in Iraq
- That I could go to TX and see my sister
- That I was a writer
- That I lived in a pink house in the FL Keys