Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Kinder perspective

Cooper: Mom, we need to get my teacher a present 
Me: Ok what do you think we should get her
Cooper: I don't know, but when we do she will give me a paper thing back and I haven't gotten one yet so we need to do that before we go on Christmas break.  Only the kids that give a present get a paper thing so can you get one tomorrow?  

The conversation started when he walked in the door yesterday from school.  This morning as he was putting on his backpack and walking out the door at the same time he shouted- "don't forget to get my teacher a present so she can give me that paper thing!"  I love the kinder perspective of the little things!  I think I will save Ms. Wagner's "thank you" note in his baby book and remind him of this story as he gets older : )


Court Me Tennis said...

I love the lessons of gift-giving. I still have the miniature God-forsaken vase with old woman flowers on it that Alex gave me in 1st grade when they got to go into the 'Christmas store' at school all by themselves. I cried when he gave it to me because I could just imagine his face all excited picking out something for his mom.

Then there's the friend of mine whose son picked out a present for his mother but a much bigger one for himself that he WRAPPED and put under their him, from him. They thought it was cute. I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Bless Cooper and his thank you note. Tell him Aunt Jackie's proud of him for being sweet and giving his teacher a present.

karabee said...

my mom has a book of quotes and stories of me and austin when we were little, it's a great keepsake and we like to read it from time to time to laugh our heads off! aren't kids funny??