Saturday, December 20, 2008

One more CAROL

Thanks to my sister the proof reader for pointing out that I spelled "carols" incorrectly last time.  I was the math/science person she was the reading/writing person- I love you Jackie I will try to use my spellcheck more often : )  

So last night we were singing Rudolph-@ the end:
"Rudolph the red nose raindeer you'll come down and tell us a story"

Cooper is loving the Christmas and really wants me to tickle Santa underneath his beard so snow and white.  I am really enjoying listening to him sing.  It is just too bad he stops each time I try to record him.  Hope your and yours are having a wonderful holiday season!

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Court Me Tennis said...

lol - Cooper's the perfect Christmas kid this year! Will you please take a picture of all 4 of them scrambled around the tree on Christmas morning? I'll try to get a picture of all mine since this is the last Christmas they'll all be teenagers!