Monday, November 5, 2007

I am a computer Dork

Ok so as mentioned before I am the last of my friends to join the whole blog thing and I really stink at it. This is the third atempt to update my blog and we will se how successful it turns out. I have deleted one accidentely and I don't know where the other one is -floating around in tiny particles above our heads somewhere. Anyway, as the holidays head towards us - our household is filled with talk of Santa and his email. Rather then having to tell our kids no in the store and listen to the moaning and bellyaching that comes with the word no- we have just decided to tell the kids that we will email Santa with their wants and let him decide what he will be able to bring them. Does that make us bad parents -sure- I mean after all our children need to learn that the word no is ok to hear and be done with it. But I remember looking through the sears catelog and writing out a list in hopes that Santa would bring me stuff. Why not bring the whole Santa story up to this generation. Oh the lengths we go through to make this time of year magical for our kids! Here's wishing each of you an awsome holiday with your families!!

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Jaime said...

Kayren...I found your blog...another one to read---YEA! (when I have free time, yeah right.) I remember last year that Beck just about shredded the Toys R US catalog pages by the end of the season. We kept it in the coffee table and I think he chose it to read before bed every night. I have now started this year's collection. Birthday in Nov. and then Santa is just so much STUFF, but such fun too. What a wonderful age to feel such excitment. Keep up the blogging.