Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not a reflection

All you mothers repeat after me 
"I am a great mom"
"God gave me my children for a reason"
"I can not take my children to seriously I must enjoy them"
"They will not stay little forever"
"When my children do not behave exactly as others- it is not a reflection on me that I am bad - it means that they are little humans and I am not perfect either."
Now go hug your children and find lots of reasons to be thankful for them today!  

*To my friends who inspired this post thanks for reminding me to remind myself God chose me to parent the children I have and He had a reason.  They are mine because He gave them to me.   He gave you yours too and that means you are the greatest mommy in the world for them!!!
Hugs and kisses for a great week for you!


Jill said...

right back atcha friend :)

Chera said...

Thanks for the reminder! ;o) Love you lots!!

Jaime said...

Yes,I needed that yesterday. Ben told me to talk to you more often when I am feeling a little blue about parenthood. It is a challenge, but one I would never trade. Love ya!

Jcbaron99 said...

Thank you Kayren! Wel all need to help each other out by reminding us of our purpose and blessings.

Davilafullhouse said...

I think we should put that on the morning mirror! Thanks