Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Be still and Know

Today I went to the funeral of a dear friend and was able to quiet the noise in my head.  Because of the life that she lead I was able to find peace.  I cried for joy because the service was the perfect way to pay tribute to her.  I cried because I will not be able to spend more time in her presence.  I cried because I have spent far too much time lost in my own brain with all the noise in there and not enough time opening my heart to my kids, my husband, and my family as I know I should.  My dear friend Alice helped me today in her death to remind me that I am not to worry about tomorrow but live for today.  In living I am to be a light to as many as I can- actions speak louder than words and Alice spoke through her love of children and her love of God.  I have spent the last few months reading emails, researching websites and listening to people whine and moan about what is going on with our government.  I have heard their fears, frustrations, angry outbursts and the like.  My heart and my head have been arguing with each other about where I stand.  I am not one to get on my political soapbox and I won't do it now either.  I will not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry enough for it's own - that's in the Bible.  My heart whispers that to my head on a daily basis.  I hear the song "Be still and know"  in my head too.  I was reminded today as I sat in the celebration service that our citizenship is in Heaven.   Our citizenship is in Heaven people.  It is not here- we have a path and it includes using our gifts and talents to share The Good News that Jesus paved the way for us to spend eternity hugging, singing, laughing, praying, worshipping as we did today!  Thank you Alice for taking care of those precious girls as Momma Alice.  Thank you for not wanting to keep up with the Jones' and be thankful for what we have.  Thank you for realizing and showing by your actions that our light and momentary trials are just that.  As I drove into the parking lot of the church I was filled with dread- I didn't want to cry or feel today.  Thank you Alice for the joy you spread to that many people - you touched so many lives.  But thank you most of all for the reminder that we will meet again!  I know you are at peace and I look forward to the day that we can all meet again.  To all of you who follow my blog- Our President is just a man.  He can not take from us our destiny.   - Cast you burdens on Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and find your way back to your family and friends and live for today- God has a plan.  Tomorrow we may not be here- In closing there was a song that was sung in the funeral that I will be singing in my heart today and forever.  It is called "I Will Rise".   You can find it on youtube, it is by Chris Tomlin. - meditate on the words and then get on your knees and thank God for where you are, what you have, and for the future that is eternity.  God Bless!


The West's said...

what wonderful thoughts. thank you for sharing.

my daily thought is "have peace in your heart". it has a special story behind it. after I had been hearing it and saying it to others for several years, I discovered the verse Colossians 3:15. it brings me great comfort.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. One of the things I love about you is your willingness to be open and honest.
Thank you for reminding me to be still--something I need to be reminded of often.