Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's over already?!

It has been a fabulous weekend here at the Babcock house.  Jeff and I have made a new commitment to each other and our family to spend time together doing fun things on the weekend and not focus on school, work or things that have to be done around the house all weekend long.  We spent a few hours on Saturday working together as a family and the rest of the time have enjoyed just hanging out outside.  Between the bubbles, bikes, skateboards, etc... we spent much of our time outside.  We sat together and ate breakfast before Church this morning.  We had a calm enjoyable lunch this afternoon, and after playing outside much of the rest of the day the kids were in bed and asleep by 8:15.  It seemed to go too fast that and it is hard to believe that it is over already.  As I was listening to Jeff say a prayer with the boys I am reminded once again of my blessings!  May your week be filled with wonderful blessings!  God is Good - All the Time!

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Julie said...

Great times! So glad you had a fun weekend.