Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rude Awakening

This morning we were soo careful to get the kids ready for school and Jeff was quiet as he got ready for work.  Zoe and Jaxon slept soundly and I was excited that I might get to watch a little of the Today show or maybe even dare to crawl back in bed for a few more winks before getting my day started.  Unfortunately we forgot to disarm the alarm to the house and at 6:58 it went off.  My poor sleeping children had quite the awakening!  Jaxon said, "Mommy I don't like that scary noise!"  He was crawling up in my lap as he was saying this just shaking.  Zoe of course was bawling.  When I went into her room she was sitting but bent in half with her head buried in her blanket.  Bless their hearts!


Julie said...

I so hate it when I do that. I manage to do it at least once everytime that Hershel goes out of town. My poor neighbors!

Jaime said...

We have had a scary encounter with the alarm too, and we technically don't have one. The people in our house before us did. SO, when it was screaming one night and the kids were asleep, Ben was told he would need tools to turn it off. YIKES. They had to listen to it for quite some time. Beck occasionlly still prays the alarm will not go off. He was very frightened, but amazingly Briggs slept through it all!