Monday, December 7, 2009

I need a tape recorder

I would like to invent a tape recorder that is small enough to fit into a cute little wrist watch. With that tape recorder mom's could record themselves saying things like: please stop, pick that up, don't touch that, stop talking please, don't eat that, stop hitting your brother, put your shoes on, get in the car... the list could go on and on. Then when the time was right - you could push a button and the watch would say it over and over and over until the kids got tired of hearing it and would just do what they are supposed to do. Then you could say something one time and they would do it and if they didn't you could threaten to "use the watch". I wonder if that would keep my mind more clear during the day. I wonder if it would help my mental stability when I am trying to get the house picked up. BTW if they do come out with this invention- I would love it as a Christmas present : )

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