Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crying tears of joy

Lunch today was one of the best that I have had in a long time! It is difficult on Sunday to have a quiet peaceful lunch after church with the 3 boys and Zoe. Peaceful meals are few and far between period but today was awesome. It was not because the behavior of our children was impeccable. Far from it at times actually. I had forgotten to give Cooper his meds so he never sat down more than 30 sec. at a time. Not to mention the times he was sitting he was bouncing off and on my side the whole time. Jaxon was squirming around on the seat, sometimes lying down looking up at the ceiling, sometimes under the table. Mason talked nonstop and wanted to play I Spy the whole time and Zoe must have shouted for more at least 100 times and dropped her bottle on the ground at least 50. All in all if you picture a family of 6 where 4 of them are 8,6,3, and 1- you might see in your head utter chaos! But within that were moments of sharing, laughing, loving and mommy crying tears of joy. We went to a restaurant that allowed Jeff and I to get 3 courses and the children colored pictures to hang up in that restaurant if we donated to one of my favorite charities. I was able to tell them about St. Judes and how they help children and none of the families have to pay because people give to the hospital to help. They listened, asked questions, made comments, and colored while we waited for our food. The food came, we ate, we talked they wiggled and talked and then came chocolate cake for dessert. Jaxon took the first bite not waiting for anyone else and certainly not asking for permission. His eyes were huge when they set it on the table and he grinned from ear to ear as he dove in. He closed his eyes for a moment, raised his shoulders up and said,"mmmmm, das good!" I took a few bites and talked to him about the hard chocolate crunch on top of the ice cream. Jeff and Cooper came back to the table from a potty break. They were both excited to see what was on the table and Cooper was extra excited to say that he had seen "crack man in the potty and he was really very nice." Crack man was the man we had seen as we entered the restaurant whose shirt was a little on the short side, and his waistband was a little on the low side to reveal to the boys the crack that the good Lord had given him. I counseled them as we passed not to speak for they were already laughing sooo very hard in the parking lot. But I digress... anyhoo Cooper took a bite of the cake. He too closed his eyes and said, "oh that is soo good!" We agreed and took a few more bites. Then I looked over to the cutest, sweetest thing. Cooper filled his spoon and gave Zoe (who had been sitting quietly) a big bite. Oh that sweet precious baby smiled sooo big- as if to say,"dat is dee best ting I have eber tasted bruder tank you for sharing!" He then proceeded to take turns taking a bite and giving her a bite and they both just smiled and laughed and ate. It was sooo very sweet and precious and I cried and cried tears of joy to see that boy's heart filled with a spirit of giving because his heart and soul (and in this case mouth) were filled with goodness in the form of Chocolate cake. Cooper looked and asked why I was crying and I told him it was because mommy's heart was filled with joy to see him know that something was so good that he wanted to share it with his sister and how that made mommy and God so very happy. In the meantime Jaxon was continuing to eat a few bites but had found the picture of another yummy looking dessert on the menu. He told us to keep eating all of what was on the table and then to get dat one too. I lost it again. His face looked so sweet and it was too cute that he wanted even more of the chocolate goodness that the menu had to offer. We all left the restaurant with our bellies and spirits filled. I am thankful to God for such an amazing moment in our lives!!!


houston and kara said...

aww, that is precious! i loved seeing siblings do sweet things for each other when i worked at day cares -- so innocent and perfect!

i love reading your blog because... everyone else thinks i'm crazy for wanting 4 kids, but your family confirms my want :) so dynamic!

Julie said...

AWWWWWW! Love it!