Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obsess Much?!

If you've seen Ace Venture Pet Detective then you can hear how he says, "Obsess Much?!" when he goes to the house of Ray Finkel- the kicker that missed the super bowl field goal (ok a movie that I have seen many many times : ) Anywhoo- I digress- Cooper has been on medication for 4 days now and here is what I have noticed... He is very obsessed with organizing things. He has said several times that he needed to "clean up the toy room" and I have found him lining up the trains and cars in their containers. He has asked to clean up the laundry room and pick up his clothes. It is like his eyes are suddenly open to what is going on around the house. But he is most obsessed with lining up the trains and cars again. Meltdowns.... we had one today but it didn't last long and he went straight to his room on his own. Eating... so far so good although I have noticed a desire to drink more that eat. Oh and he is drawing a lot again. He had stopped for a while but now is drawing and coloring again. These are just some of the observations I have noticed. We will see how this week goes with getting ready for school to begin.


The West's said...

I can totally relate!

D'Lyn said...

K -- I'm telling you, you need to read that book -- Horse Boy.