Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not bad at all

School shopping was not bad at all! I thought it would be tough shopping with four, but my Mother in Law had done some pre-shopping and price comparisons and we were able to get in done by just going to three stores. She had an awesome 20% of complete purchase from The G*P and their tee- shirts were buy one get one free (cha ching). After lunch and a stop at Gymb*ree's sale rack for another 20% of purchase we are clothed and ready to start school. We had a lovely lunch in the mall food court and it was a lot of fun to watch Jaxon be amazed at the stuff in the mall. It is obvious I don't shop much or go to the mall for that matter - he had no idea what to do with himself or what to look at. It was funny! My mother in law can shop I tell you and I was all out of breath by the time we were done. We all had a good time and I am very grateful to the Babcock's for their generosity! 1st and 3rd grade... bring it on!


Jaime said...

Yea! Sounds like a good day. I have always liked back to school shopping.

Jill said...

that's great that martha helped out and did some "pre-shopping". i'm terrible at getting deals, so i would need a helper...maybe i should borrow her :)

The West's said...

this year and last, I've done most of the shopping online with coupons... gymboree, crazy 8, children's place, old navy... we try to hit the summer clearance stuff at the end of July. I figure the S&H balances out with the money I save on gas!