Monday, August 3, 2009

Precious moments

I was taking a moment to rock Zoe this evening as the older two boys were taking their night time shower. I could hear them talking and heard Cooper say he thought whatever Mason used smelled good. Mason said, "oh here I used this conditioner, but you only need a little." Very sweet moment caught by mommy ears. Well, I continued to rock Zoe who was singing herself to sleep as I was kissing her little eyes closed and I saw Mason get out of the shower, towel off, and put on his undies. He then picked up his brush, styled his hair, put down the brush and then - the precious moment that I didn't even tell him I saw- He had given himself a mohawk doo and proceeded to play his air guitar in the mirror with head banging and everything. Then he flexed his muscles a few times both from the front and the sides. I guess he was pleased with what he saw because he brushed his hair down and then left the bathroom. Oh my eyes and my heart were full this evening! I thank God for my precious moments tonight!!

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Julie said...

Love those "mommy" moments. He is a sweetie!