Thursday, August 20, 2009


Independence reared it's ugly head today in the form of a little boy who refused to hold his mommy's hand as we went to meet the teacher night. : ( I know, I know we pray for them to grow and learn blah, blah, blah... But I thought of all nights meet the teacher night -Cooper would need just a little mommy touch as he felt a little uneasy- nope not a bit! He saw a little boy that was in his class last year in the parking lot and pointed him out. That little boy was holding both his mom and his dad's hand - Cooper had his hands in his pockets and was talking non stop about all kinds of things. I put my hand out and was denied. I said, "are you nervous at all?" His response, "nah what for I went to Kinder here so it's no big deal." What a guy! He then proceeded to tell me about this girl that asked him every day if they could get married and he said it was very annoying. He said girls were completely annoying because all they ever want to do is buy clothes and look good- oh really mr. can I have this that and the other as we shopped for school clothes. The boy got a jean jacket from the G*P the other day (it was the first thing he picked out in the store) 100 degrees outside but he wants a jean jacket because he would "look good" in it. His words not mine. He walked right in to the classroom, shook hands with the teacher and proceeded to play with a little boy that was in his class last year. When we went to the cafeteria to put some money in his food account the cafeteria ladies remembered him as the kid who kept giving his bus number instead of his cafeteria number. He just gave him a little sideways grin and said, "well they gave me food." Looks like it is gonna be a great year!


Jaime said...

Funny boy...does he have his Daddy's fashion sense? Can't wait to see him in that cute jean jacket! (if it ever cools down here!)

kara and houston said...

that is the cutest thing i have ever read! i bet he looks dashing in his jean jacket ;)