Sunday, November 22, 2009

Can you still hear the bell ring?

I love the whole Christmas season- I mean I love love love it all!! The decor, the music, the gift shopping and giving, the movies, the whole idea of the magic of Santa. My kids believe in Santa and I love that. There are several of his friends who have been talking to him... and when he asked the other day I referred to the movie "The Polar Express"- I asked if he could still hear the bells- he said, "yes"- He then promptly went to school and told the kids that if they could hear the bells ring then the Spirit of Christmas was still alive and well-hmmm right out of my mouth- I like that he won't let others tell him what to believe- I hope he keeps that with him forever- I like that he didn't just take a friend's word for something, but came to me instead- I hope he keeps that with him forever too. Tonight we got out the Christmas deocr and the kids worked together despite their little sister's efforts to destroy things and the tree is perfect! Not in the sense that it looks like the ones in the stores but it looks like a mommy and daddy enjoyed watching their kids creative freedom and enjoyed watching them work together. Jaxon must have said thank you a least a dozen times after we got it all up and turned out the lights. As I was putting on his night time diaper- he said thank you again and this time said, "thank you, mommy, for the Christmas tree you let me build". Too Cute - that boy! We watched "Polar Express" twice while we worked. Cooper seemed a little sad towards the end and when I asked him why - he said that he just loved that movie so much that it made him love Christmas so much. He is my little deep thinker! So I end today and do as I have done at the end of many days, doing as Mary did with Jesus and treasuring all these things in my heart!

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