Friday, November 13, 2009

Potty Training

I have been pretty laid back when it came to potty training with my kids. I have followed pretty much the advice of my pediatrician gave me with Mason - "when he is ready he will let you know and you won't have any problems" along with advice about paci's and blankets came the advice that they will not go to kinder with a diaper and will not go to college with the other two things she has been very good about encouraging just to let all things just work when the time is right. So, with Mason, the summer before he turned 4 he said one day that he wanted to wear big boy undies and I let him and after the 5th accident that day I told him I thought we should wait a week or two. Along with that comment came the discussion of we didn't want to make a mess in our undies on the pictures that were on there. About 3 weeks later he said he wanted to try again and we never had a problem after that. I don't remember having any accidents. Now, he was still wearing night time help, but that is a whole other story. Anyway for us it was easy squeesy. Fast forward to Cooper at 3 almost 4 - showing interest but not really ready, unfortunately I started back to work just before he turned 4 and the preschool said, he had to learn- it took about 2 weeks total because he was almost ready- he surpassed the kids that were in the class because he was almost ready and there were very few problems with him as well. It hasn't been as smooth with him because he tends to be one of those who waits till the last minute but as far as the teaching part - not to bad. Fast forward until now- Jaxon turned 4 on Oct. 17th and despite many encouraging comments on getting him out of diapers and off the paci - I continue to remain faithful to our pediatrician's wisdom. Yesterday he spent half the day in his undies and we even went to the grocery store in them. I asked him yesterday if he wanted to wear them and he said yes. The few other times I had asked he had said no. Today is day two and he has been in the the whole morning with no problems. It will be great to have only 1 in diapers when all is said and done! I am very proud of Jaxon and we have done many potty dances around these parts over the last 24 hours. A big thank you to cousin Henry for his encouragement this weekend in going to the potty at MarMar and Poppy's house. Jaxon said,"it was magical!" I guess it was time for Jaxon to become magical as well. "Potty on!"


Jill said...

i always heard how "easy" girls were and was so discouraged when scarlett turned 2 and everyone around her seemed to care about going potty except for her. my dr. said if she wasn't waking up dry she wasn't ready so i waited. and waited. and waited. and had a baby. and waited some more. i think she was 3 and 1/2 before she was waking up dry and after that she was just "ready". (and she wore the panties at night, too.) i guess some kids just learn on their own time and i've had to learn to be ok with that. we have hardly even mentioned the potty to clark...the longer he's in a diaper, the longer i can go without having to worry about dirty bathroom germs, and i love that idea :)
way to go jaxon!!!

Julie said...

Way to go Jaxon! (and mommy)

Chera said...

Yay Jaxon!! Sheldon did the same thing. One day he just decided he was done with diapers!