Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last day to get prepared

So this is it- the day before I leave and my brain is full of lists- my packing list, the kids packing list, grocery list etc... I don't feel stressed out too much I am resigned to imperfection but things being better than they were. I am excited to have some time in the car to sing loud with the windows down and use the time to praise God for his goodness- I went yesterday and bought 3 new praise CD's - Today I need to get my car packed and decorated!!! Be looking for quick blog or FB updates while I am gone if you want! Be sure and Check you Chi Chi's (it is the first of the month), massage your melons, survey second base, knead you knockers- whatever phrase you have coined- you are your boobs best first defense. I am crazy- 60 miles or "BUST"!!


Jill said...

i saw you yesterday at 1604 and 281. i didn't know it was you at first, but your pink team tiara windows gave you away :)
have a great time!!!!!

Jcbaron99 said...

Have a great time!!