Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Back and almost into the swing of things again

While it will take me awhile to decompress and be able to post about this year- it is good to be back and back into the swing of everyday life. As I write this the kids are eating dinner and watching tv and I am sitting in front of my computer eating and catching up on emails - clearing out the trash etc... I signed up to teach ladies Bible class before I left and taught this morning and have no idea what I said really or if anything came out of it but it was good to write the lesson and allow God to speak through me- I did not at all stick to my notes and went way over the time limit but in the end I was reminded that we cannot appreciate the highs unless there are lows, we cannot know what it is like to walk on mountaintops if there are no valleys, we cannot sore like eagles unless we know what it is like to be down at the lowest point and rise through the provision from God to bring good from the bad that is in this world. Bad things happen to good and bad people- but those of us who love God have perspective to see through the dirt and find and are thankful for the fresh and clean when it comes back around. I am thankful for only 3 blisters after 60 miles but I am more thankful that I was able to hear and share stories of hard times and victories with many- again it is close to the end of the day and I find myself so thankful to serve our Awesome God!


Jaime said...

I am so glad you had another successful walk!!

Stacia said...

I'm glad you made it and that things are getting back to normal. Can't wait to hear more about it. Wish I had been able to hear your lesson but Beth said you did a great job!